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Happy New Year! 2015 was an incredible year for Trumpet & Horn and we were thrilled to have help so many of you find the ring of your dreams! Now that we're starting to settle into 2016, we're looking forward to all of the amazing proposal stories we'll be a part of in the coming year. To kick off the new year, renowned Fashion and Lifestyle site Who What Wear looked at the future of ring styles in the feauture "This Will Be the Most Popular Engagement Ring Trend of 2016". They caught up with the incredible jewelry designer Anna Shefield to comment on where she sees engagement ring style heading this year. She said, "Yellow gold has become most prevalent. Also I see more people wanting to mix colored stones into their sets. There are many options for styling a ring set that's personal, but has a dash of color!". We couldn't agree more! And we couldn't be more excited about bringing more gorgeous yellow gold rings with colored stones to our website. Check out just a few of the fabulous ones available on our site now! ♥

2016 engagement rings trend
Sonoma $2,550 Bridlington, $9,750 Louvre $9,600 Lake Forest, $3,500 Tiara, $5,570 Penfield, $3,950 Columbus Circle, $4,400 Peachtree $3,950 Beauty, $3,500 Bay Bridge, $8550 Refern $5,950 Beverly Glen $4,000 Capetown $3,950 Challis Farm, $4,500 Bowery $5,250 Marcelle $8,450 Image Map

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