3 Cushion Cut Vintage Engagement Rings That Will Make You Swoon

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There are few moments in life that are more memorable than your engagement, and even fewer that come with a special token you’ll carry the rest of your life. Your choice of engagement ring reflects something about your relationship and personality, so it’s important to find one that you absolutely love. To begin thinking about what ring is right for you, get inspired by these three swoon-worthy Cushion Cut vintage engagement rings. The Significance of a Cushion Cut With so many engagement ring styles to choose from, why go with a Cushion Cut diamond? The Cushion Cut is a diamond style whose popularity has soared in recent years. The Cushion Cut is named for its shape, which is squarer than a round cut diamond but has softer edges than a Princess Cut, resembling a cushion. This classic style is very reminiscent of a 1920s Art Deco aesthetic, so it’s perfect for any bride-to-be who loves vintage looks (this type of diamond makes a cameo in The Great Gatsby!). Wearing a Cushion Cut engagement ring indicates that you’re romantic and passionate, with a great eye for style that stands out. Romantic Cushion Cut Vintage Engagement Rings Though cushion cuts are often featured as solitaires to let the stone’s cut stand out on its own, these vintage treats go above and beyond to create truly unique looks. If you’re in search of the perfect ring for a bride who loves jazz age style, these vintage rings are the real deal: Stratford Stratford It doesn’t get much more classic than this gorgeous Edwardian ring. The center cushion cut stone, cut in an antique Old Mine Cut style, is offset by eight channel diamonds in a platinum band. The simple silhouette is ideal for the bride-to-be who appreciates subdued elegance and dreams of a traditional ring with just a little something extra. Cypress Point Cypress Point It doesn’t get much more decadent than this unbelievable Art Deco ring. The Cushion Square Modified Brilliant Cut diamond is surrounded by twelve additional diamonds shaped like flower petals, creating the impression of a diamond in full bloom. This brilliant piece is one of our absolute favorites, and any bride-to-be will appreciate the unforgettable sparkle. Adairsville Adairsville It doesn’t get much more unique than this stunning 1960s ring. With a Cushion Cut emerald center stone flanked by two trillion cut diamonds, this ring combines the classic look of a diamond engagement ring with an alternative center stone. It’s the perfect alternative ring for a bride-to-be who won’t just settle for ordinary. At Trumpet & Horn, our search for antique and vintage jewelry treasures takes us all over the world. It’s more than a job—it’s a passion. These cushion cut vintage engagement rings are just the beginning of our amazing fine jewelry collection. Shop today to see all we have to offer!

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