3 Wedding Destinations That Perfectly Fit Your Aquamarine Engagement Ring

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From the second he slipped that one-of-a-kind aquamarine engagement ring onto your finger, you knew that you had a new favorite gemstone. Even though your big day may still be months or maybe even years away, you know that you want aquamarine to play a key part in your wedding. Why not let it inspire your wedding destination?
Seychelles angle
It’s important to go where your heart takes you, but if you need a few ideas, here are three magical wedding destinations that perfectly fit your aquamarine engagement ring.

The Bahamas

You can stay within your comfort zone and stick to one island for your aquamarine engagement ring inspired wedding, or you can hop between several islands during your stay to get a more complete experience. Whether you’re looking to have a large, extravagant wedding with every amenity you can think of, or an affordable, intimate getaway, the Bahamas offer packages for every taste. Enjoy the sandy beaches, warm waters, and countless outdoor adventures awaiting your arrival, including walking tours through ancient ruins and cultural marketplaces, fishing trips, and snorkeling classes. Taste the unforgettable cuisine, dance the night away, and as you take your partner into your embrace, think back to the aquamarine engagement ring that inspired it all.
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Santorini, Greece

Whether you’re looking to get married on an exclusive beach, at a romantic restaurant overlooking the Aegean Sea, or an ancient monastery carved into the cliffs, Santorini is your perfect wedding destination. With some of the most beautiful views in the world, Santorini is overflowing with opportunities to adventure. During your stay, stop in an open air cinema, take a hike in the mountains, shop for keepsakes in the diverse markets—there’s never a dull moment. Whether you’re interested in history, music, food or wine tasting, Santorini’s got it all.

Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

If the sun, sand, and waves just aren’t your thing, your aquamarine engagement ring might inspire you to choose a wedding destination in a completely different direction: Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. Aquamarine’s pale blue hue is the embodiment of youthful wonder, and though it does stir up visions of crystal clear waters and calm beaches, it also looks a lot like ice. While the frosty winds outside of the Icehotel in northern Sweden may chill you to the bone, the sights are mesmerizing. For a unique, nontraditional wedding, there’s nowhere more creative.
vintage blue aquamarine cocktail ring clearlake
Icehotel is a hotel built entirely out of (you guessed it) snow and ice. Though Icehotel is only open from December to mid-April, the hotel’s construction is a year-long process, and it is considered as much of a getaway location as it is a work of art. For couples who plan on staying, there are a variety of room options, all including furniture made completely out of ice. Experience dog sledding, snowmobile rides, and a trip to see the Northern Lights. Enjoy the unique restaurants, an ice bar, and get married in the Ice Church! For more wedding destination ideas, or a piece of vintage jewelry that can inspire future trips, visit Trumpet & Horn today!

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