Colored Gemstones: Add a Twist to the Classic Diamond

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diamond and sapphire engagement ringsAt Trumpet & Horn, we specialize in vintage and vintage-inspired engagement rings. Though we have an old soul, our designs aim to be fresh and modern pieces that speak to a young audience looking for an element of whimsy. One way to add intrigue to your engagement ring is with a splash of color. Search through our selection of diamond and sapphire engagement rings along with all of our colored gemstones, to find the right ring for you. Your romance is a dream of a tale that will never be repeated, so why not pick a ring that is just as remarkable? As John Ruskin, renowned English art critic, said, “the purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most.” Our array of diamond and sapphire engagement rings is sure to satisfy discerning tastes. Find a color that suits your palate and celebrate the charm that comes with thinking outside the box. Our selection of diamond and sapphire engagement rings offer designs that range from more traditional looks to modern, standout styles. diamond and sapphire engagement ringsFollow the words of Edouard Manet, that “color is a matter of taste and of sensitivity,” to ensure the color you choose properly fits your story. Unique creations like this multicolored Rothbury ring are not for the shrinking violet and might best suit a romance riddled with change and excitement. The Quincy ring has a traditional look with a splash of blue on either side for a colorful union. The Breckenridge is bejeweled with emeralds, an illustrious option for a romance that is rich with devotion. With so many diamond and sapphire engagement rings to choose from, you are sure to find one to fit your particular romance. diamond and sapphire engagement ringsIf you’re not into symbolism, the forthright approach with Coco Chanel’s advice that “the best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you!” Select a color your fiancé loves wearing. Start by looking through our diamond and sapphire engagement rings, then branch out to other gems. With jewels of all colors—pinks, blues, greens, even multicolored combos—you are sure to find the right hue for her at Trumpet & Horn. Whichever way you decide to choose a color for your love, be sure to search through our selection to find a one of a kind piece. Regardless of which ring you choose, one thing remains the same: you want your engagement ring to be meaningful. Trust that our rings are truly unique. Selecting and creating beautiful jewelry is our passion. We understand that quality and discretion matter to our clients. Our pieces make for genuine keepsake items that can be handed down for generations, so choose carefully to find the ring that best represents your love.

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