Discover the Unique Beauty of the Vintage Citrine Engagement Ring

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Vintage Citrine Engagement Rings Everyone knows the beauty of diamonds and many prefer them as the main focus of their jewelry. However, there are many other gorgeous stone choices that often get overlooked. Boldly colorful gemstones make a big statement and create a unique piece of jewelry that can’t help but be admired. You might not often see citrine featured in bridal jewelry, but a vintage citrine engagement ring is a perfect example of how beautiful and attention grabbing an understated gem can be. The Story Behind Citrine Citrine is a member of the quartz family known for its yellow or brownish hues. Those who celebrate their birthday in November might be more familiar with this stone than most, as it is the birthstone for the month. If you weren’t born in late fall and you still love Citrine, don’t worry! You can still enjoy the stone in various pieces of jewelry, after all, there aren’t many other options for a yellow gemstone. While diamonds can have a yellow tone and some sapphires have a golden hue, a vintage citrine engagement ring has the warm yellow to reddish brown color that you just don’t get anywhere else. Because of this, rings and other jewelry items that feature citrine are extremely unique. Vintage Paloma Picasso Citrine Ring Vintage Paloma Picasso Citrine Ring A ring that is well on its way to becoming a classic is the Vintage Paloma Picasso Citrine Ring. The youngest daughter of famed artist Pablo Picasso, Paloma has been a big name in the jewelry world since the late 1960s and has worked with some of the most well-known fashion designers in the world. Trumpet & Horn is proud to feature this stunning ring created by Paloma Picasso in the early 1980s. This vintage citrine engagement ring was created in the cocktail style and features a large citrine stone that is sure to catch plenty of attention. The 18k gold band also surrounds the citrine with minimal detailing. The simplistic style of the ring helps to elevate the main draw, which is the beautiful reddish brown citrine in the center. Sawmill While diamonds are the stones that are most often seen in engagement rings and wedding bands, you do often see others make an appearance. Emeralds, rubies, and even sapphires and and other colorful stones are gaining popularity. Citrine is on a level playing field with these gemstones, however a vintage citrine engagement ring isn’t as frequently seen. This makes citrine pieces even more exciting to find and very unique pieces to own! Sawmill Citrine has been around for centuries and is found in earlier pieces, like Sawmill. This beautiful ring is from the Victorian era, which is not surprising at all because Queen Victoria loved colorful stones. Sawmill features over five carats of citrine in three beautiful stones. The center gemstone is a light yellow oval that comes in at 2.85 carats on its own, and it has a darker yellow citrine on each side. The difference in color among the gemstones in Sawmill really makes this vintage citrine engagement ring stand out. The 14k gold band has minimal detailing which allows the three oval citrines to draw the eye even more so. Find Your Citrine at Trumpet & Horn If you have your eye on a citrine stone, then look no further than Trumpet & Horn to find your perfect citrine ring today. Learn more about these rings and others at Trumpet & Horn.

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