Filigree & Milgraining

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filigree engagement rings   "Filigree" and "Milgrain" are words that we use all the time when describing our rings, but we know you're probably wondering: what exactly does that mean?   Filigree is a type of decorative metal work technique used in making jewelry. Creating light and airy features that are often coupled with vintage jewelry, we love anything with filigree that adds a flowery feminine feel!   The filigree technique was highly popular in the Edwardian era, but it was also prevalent in Art Deco pieces as well. As jewelry techniques advanced, new filigree effects evolved. The result? Jewelry with filigree resembled delicate lace, adding grace and femininity to any filigree piece.   When small metal beads are applied over and over in small rows to complement filigree, we call it milgrain. Milgrain is a beautiful way to add vintage-looking texture to jewelry. When used together, milgrain and filigree create a uniquely enchanting effect.   It’s no surprise that as vintage and vintage-inspired pieces are making a return, filigree is becoming increasingly popular as well! Featured below are some of our favorite T&H pieces featuring filigree, milgraining, or both. Questions? Contact our concierge to ask!   antique sapphire and diamond pendant   This Belle Epoch era Edwardian Diamond & Sapphire Filigree Pendant is a stunning example of a piece of jewelry that prominently features the filigree technique. Lavishly set with diamonds and cabochon sapphires, this delicate pendant is completely unique and lovely. Circa 1900. milgrain engagement ring   Becket is a wonderful example of both filigree and milgraining with its Edwardian meets Art Deco styling and technique. Featuring angular milgrain lines running vertically through the center and soft floral filigree sloping down the sides, this fantastic ring includes the best of both techniques.filigree pendant This stunning Belle Epoch era Edwardian Diamond & Pearl Bow Pin is another perfect example of the filigree technique. Featuring pearls and diamonds and platinum filigree, this pin is designed as a flowery, feminine bow. Circa 1900.

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