flower diamond ringFor those seeking an elegant spin on their engagement ring, the flower diamond ring could be the perfect stylistic fit. This unique design combines the delicate whimsy of a flower with the sophistication of a diamond. Designed with utmost care and craftsmanship, the flower diamond ring is just right for anyone looking to begin their marriage with a delicate touch of beauty.

These three rings are among some of our most popular styles for those who desire a flower diamond ring inspired by the complex beauty of nature. Combining regal luxury with bohemian elegance, the flower diamond ring collection from Trumpet & Horn provides the perfect piece to help you and your loved one begin your partnership.

bond streetStansbury

A Victorian era engagement ring, the Stansbury is made from 18k yellow gold and features a beautiful old mine cut diamond. The diamond is arranged among 6 startling rubies, and then further wrapped in twenty four old single cut round diamonds. Inspired by the fashion of Queen Victoria, the rings from this era reflect her subtle taste. The Stansbury reflects these trends beautifully, and comes together in a unique flower diamond ring echoing a wild romance.

Bond Street

Reminiscent of a fairy tale, the Bond Street ring is of the Edwardian era and features a .42 EGL certified old european cut diamond. Fixed among a hexagonal setting and four petal shaped sapphires, Bond Street combines modern sophistication with old world beauty to create a charming, one-of-a-kind engagement ring. The Edwardian era was the first in jewelry making to use platinum. The strength from this new element allowed ring-crafters to create very intricate, detailed pieces. The superb craftsmanship of this ring is apparent in the hand engraving along the shoulders.


MurphyWhen selecting a unique floral engagement ring for your loved one, consider the Murphy. The Murphy comes from the Retro jewelry era that was known for a bold, glamorous look. This style was incredibly popular during the recovery from the Great Depression, as it symbolized growth and prosperity. This 1940s style diamond cocktail ring is comprised of 14k white gold and features a .36ct round brilliant cut diamond of E color and Sl1 clarity. This ring is further enhanced with diamond studded petals that come together to create a delicate, floral design.

At Trumpet & Horn, it’s our personal belief that every engagement ring should tell a story. That’s why we strive to find vintage pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind. Unless otherwise noted, all of our rings have been collected from vintage selections, making them completely unique. Browse the collection and find the perfect flower diamond ring to begin your romantic endeavor!