How to Find an Emerald Cut Antique Engagement Ring That Suits Your Personality

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Emerald Cut Antique Engagement Rings If you want the stone in your engagement ring to be impossible to miss, than an Emerald Cut antique engagement ring might just be the style for you! These rectangular shaped stones tend to be larger than a Round Cut stone, and the step cut makes the top surface of the stone look larger. When it comes to diamonds, an Emerald Cut puts the focus on both the clarity and the color of the stone. One of the reasons you would probably choose an Emerald Cut is because of its larger size. This adds a big “wow” factor to your ring. If you want something that still aligns with a traditional engagement ring, you probably will want to go with an Emerald Cut antique engagement ring that features a diamond. Pine Ridge Pine Ridge When you think of the Modern era, the word “glamourous” might come to mind. Pine Ridge exemplifies the fine jewelry of the time. Like something Marilyn Monroe would wear, Pine Ridge is simple with one focus: the .65 carat diamond at the center of the ring. Two Baguette Cut diamonds on either side of the center stone help to showcase the gorgeous Emerald Cut stone, and the platinum band pulls the classic look together. Delmont Delmont If you tend to opt for something eye-catching and a tad less traditional, an Emerald Cut antique engagement ring with a colored gemstone is a great option. Delmont offers a great mix of classic and original styling, pairing an actual emerald with diamonds and a platinum band. It is only fitting that Delmont’s Emerald Cut stone is an actual emerald. The gorgeous green stone weighs in at .50 carats and is held in place with a 14k gold setting. Diamonds also make an appearance, with a pair on either side directing attention to the emerald. Whitsett Whitsett When you know what you like, and what you like is a pop of color, a beautiful blue Emerald Cut antique engagement ring might be the perfect option. If your attitude towards jewelry and gemstones is “the bigger, the better,” then the aquamarine in Whitsett should be right up your alley. This beautiful bright blue stunner comes in at 4.50 carats and the Emerald Cut manages to make this stone look even bigger than it already is! If one stone simply isn’t enough, Whitsett has you covered. Two Round Brilliant Cut diamonds sit on either side of the aquamarine stone to add some shine. Your Emerald Cut Is at Trumpet & Horn Trumpet & Horn offers a wider variety of jewelry so that you can find the perfect piece for you. If an Emerald Cut antique engagement ring is the style you’ve fallen in love with, look no further than Trumpet & Horn to find a ring that shines as much as you do.

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