Is an Oval Cut Engagement Ring Your Best Fit?

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Oval Cut Engagement Rings When you are looking for an engagement ring, one of the first things you will need to decide is what type of stone you want. Once you decide to go with a diamond, ruby, emerald, opal, or one of many other beautiful gemstones, you will have to figure out which cut works best for you. Just as there are many different gemstones to choose from, there are very many different cuts to choose from, one of which is an Oval Cut engagement ring. A Distinct Look An Oval Cut is one of the more rare stone cuts. Since they are typically longer than other stone shapes, ovals can be an eye-catching option. Another plus from the elongated shape is a slimming effect on the fingers. Summerhill Summerhill is a gorgeous modern day ring that features a deep reddish-purple 1.25 carat tourmaline set on a simple, yet stunning rose gold band. The large size of the tourmaline means the surrounding halo is even larger, and includes twenty beautiful Round Cut brilliant diamonds. Summerhill is a perfect example how original and breathtaking an Oval Cut engagement ring can be. Made to Sparkle Many women want their engagement ring to shine, and if that quality is important to you, an Oval Cut could be a good fit. An Oval Cut is a modified version of a Brilliant Cut, which means it reflects light beautifully. The oval stone is cut to have more surface area than a Round Cut stone so it has the added bonus of looking bigger. Innsbrook You can see the shimmer an Oval Cut engagement ring can give off by checking out Innsbrook. This enchanting ring features a diamond that weighs exactly one carat, so it will definitely be hard to miss. A gorgeous deep blue sapphire sits on both sides of the diamond in Innsbrook, totaling .85 carat, and the classic 18k gold band helps all three stones stand out. This ring comes from the 1980s and is ready to add another chapter to its story. Know What You Like Eastlake At the end of the day, the ring you choose should be one that you fall in love with. An Oval Cut engagement ring might be the perfect ring if you admire the style of vintage pieces. Eastlake is a beautiful ring from the 1980s that was created to look like something out of the Victorian era. Similar to Innsbrook, this amazing ring features sapphires and diamonds, but in a reverse combination. Eastlake features a .50 carat Oval Cut sapphire as the center stone, and it is a gorgeous deep blue that you might just get lost in. Surrounding the sapphire is a halo of ten Round Brilliant Cut diamonds that make this floral ring both feminine and romantic. This Oval Cut engagement ring also has beautiful detailing along the 14k gold band. There are many benefits of an Oval Cut ring, including a larger surface area, beautiful sparkle, and a slimming effect. At the end of the day, the choice is up to you; if you find a ring you love then it’s the right cut for you! Browse our Oval Cut collection to view more information about these and other oval engagement rings.

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