Old Mine Cut Diamonds

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old mine cut diamonds Old Mine Cut diamonds are one of the classic cuts used in vintage engagement rings. An early version of the Round Brilliant cut, we love the Old Mine Cut for its unmistakably vintage feel.   Old Mine Cut diamonds date all the way back to the 1700’s when diamonds were discovered in Brazil. Before then, most diamonds were mined in India, where the diamond supply was rapidly shrinking.   The Industrial Revolution sparked the invention of the Old Mine Cut using diamonds mined in Brazil. At the time, the Old Mine Cut was the only type of cut that increased the number of facets to 58, which allowed more light into the stone. In other words? Diamonds looked brighter, shinier, and more sparkly with the invention of the Old Mine Cut.   Unlike today’s modern diamonds, Old Mine Cut diamonds were all cut individually by hand. Modern diamonds are cut with lasers to specific specifications in mass quantities, but Old Mine Cuts are all truly one of a kind. Jewelry was created specifically for each diamond after it had been cut, making vintage jewelry featuring an Old Mine Cut diamond truly unique.   Unfortunately, Old Mine Cut diamonds are becoming very scare. Many have been re-cut into modern stones as stone cutting technology has improved, but once re-cut, the beauty of the hand made feel is often lost. Because they are hard to find, Old Mine Cut diamonds are now very valuable to collectors and lovers of authentically vintage diamonds and jewelry. Featured here are some of our favorite T&H pieces that feature old mine cut diamonds. Which one is your favorite?? vintage rubelite pendantvintage diamond necklace Featured on top: Swansboro vintage sapphire engagement ring ($24,500), Stella vintage engagement ring ($3,750), Lockhart vintage ruby engagement ring (sold) Featured on bottom: Victorian Rubelite Pendant ($34,000), Magnificent 1840's Victorian Necklace ($440,000)   old mine cut diamonds

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