Opal Engagement Rings: Defining Versatility

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We all know that diamonds are the most common stone used in engagement rings. But what about those looking for something different, but just as versatile as a crystal clear diamond? Colored gems such as rubies, emeralds, and sapphires offer a unique look, but may some may want to avoid bright tones in their everyday jewelry. So what’s the answer to this conundrum? For a unique, versatile choice, we suggest looking into exceptionally beautiful opal engagement rings. Featuring a one-of-a-kind play of color and wide variations, find out why opal is the definition of a versatile engagement ring.
Opal Engagement Ring

Play of Color

Perhaps the quintessential quality of opals is “play of color.” This means that an opal flashes a rainbow of colors whenever it catches the light, as seen in our authentic Edwardian era Whitechapel ring. This is somewhat different than the prism effect that occurs when the same happens to a diamond. Play of Color contributes to the versatility of opal engagement rings because even a traditional white opal contains the entire spectrum of colors that will complement anything from a white wedding dress to a colorful, patterned scarf.
Opal Engagement Ring on hand

Color Variations

The most common colored opal is white. However, opals are also available in a wide variety of colors that all feature its signature play of color characteristic. Dark blue and black opals are another great choice that still maintain the stone’s complemental nature. These darker stones, like our Canoe Hill ring, usually show off cool colors best, such as blues, greens, and purples. Other colored opal options include fire opals, which are a deep orange color.

True Versatility

One argument in favor of traditional diamond engagement rings is that colorless diamonds go with everything. Other types of jewelry can be worn with complementary outfits and clothing and swapped in and out depending on the occasion. However, engagement rings are usually worn every day, or at least most days, for the wearer’s entire life. Unless your day-to-day style is eclectic and you don’t pay much attention to uniformity and matching when it comes to fashion, you may want a piece of jewelry that is worn every day to be able to go with any kind of outfit. Opal engagement rings, especially transparent or white opals, offer that versatility.
Opal Care

Opal Care

Now that you’ve decided on your versatile engagement ring choice, there are a few important things you need to know when it comes to opals. Opals are a very fragile stone because they contain between 3-30% water. This causes them to have a higher chance of breaking, so be sure to take extra care and be mindful when and where you wear yours! Browse our variety of beautiful vintage and vintage inspired opal engagement rings among our colored engagement rings.

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