Paint It Black: Explore Black Gemstone Rings

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  Black Gemstone Rings Black gemstone rings might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of jewelry, which is why we are showcasing two of our favorite rings. Everyone knows how pretty a diamond can be and colorful gemstones like rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are often featured in vintage and modern jewelry. Black gemstones aren’t necessarily used as frequently as other stones, but that just makes the pieces they are featured in more unique! One type of black gemstone used in jewelry is onyx. Onyx comes in a variety of colors, but the darker black variety has been used for centuries in jewelry, as well as other areas. Not only is onyx featured in some black gemstone rings, but this dark stone was also a popular canvas for hand carved artwork as well as sculptures.   When onyx is included in a spectacular ring, it helps give it an air of mystery and creates a look that is intriguing and remarkable. In fact, when a black gemstone is paired with a lighter one, the former helps bring out certain qualities in the latter. For example, when onyx is paired with diamonds, it makes them appear brighter and gives the illusion of more shimmer. Emeryville Emeryville black gemstone ring This is seen first hand in the unusual but stunning Emeryville. This ring is from the 1920s and it truly fits in with the Art Deco period from which it came. While black gemstone rings are already unique, Emeryville also has a very interesting shape that isn’t commonly seen. The oval ring resembles an eye, with a gorgeous round diamond playing the part of the pupil. Surrounding the center stone are alternating onyx and diamonds, which create the look of symmetry that is popular in many Art Deco designs. Even though onyx isn’t the main focus of this ring, it definitely catches the eye and makes the diamonds stand out more than they would on their own. Upminster Upminster black gemstone ring This stunning ring is estimated to be about 100 years old and comes from the Edwardian era. Onyx is up close and center in Upminster, which is among our favorite black gemstone rings. Along with the circular onyx tablet, the intricate open metal work is what separates this ring from the rest of the pack. Jewelry from the Edwardian period is known to be romantic and often described as delicate, which is exactly the feeling that this design gives off. One diamond sits in the center of the ring, which also happens to be in the middle of the onyx tablet. An additional twelve diamonds appear throughout the ring giving it a beautiful dazzling appearance. Find Your Ring at Trumpet & Horn Our collection is filled with beautiful, unique pieces of jewelry, and there is something to please everyone. If you are looking for black gemstone rings, look no further than Trumpet & Horn.

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