Pretty In Pink: Explore the Rose Gold Engagement Ring

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Elysian Park Just like every relationship, every engagement ring is special. Each and every aspect of your ring, from the diamond cut to the embellishment style to the setting, says something about your relationship and the lifelong commitment you are making together. When it comes to bands for engagement rings, most people think of platinum, yellow gold, or white gold. But there are many other options, including rose gold, that might make your ring choice even more unique. Here’s everything you need to know if you’re considering a rose gold vintage engagement ring. EaglewoodWhat is rose gold? Rose gold is an alloy made by combining pure gold with copper. It is typically ¾ gold and ¼ copper, though the exact ratio may vary. As the name suggests, it infuses the look of classic gold with a pinkish tint. Is rose gold popular for vintage engagement ring bands? Though it has historically been less popular for engagement ring bands than white or yellow gold, this can be part of its appeal, as rose gold engagement rings stand out from the crowd. However, just because it hasn’t always been popular doesn’t mean you can’t find a stunning rose gold vintage engagement ring. There have always been brides who wanted a unique twist on their engagement ring, and the rarity can make the vintage pieces you find even more special. What does rose gold mean? One reason that rose gold has become a more popular band material for engagement rings recently is the symbolism of the metal. Perhaps in connection with its pinkish tint, rose gold symbolizes love. From that perspective, what metal could be more perfect for a ring that symbolizes your commitment to your relationship? AshingtonWhat are engagement ring styles that look good in rose gold? With the distinctive look of the metal, rose gold is perfect to make a classic solitaire, like the Eaglewood, stand out. An equally classic but more complex style is the three stone design of the Elysian Park, which adds some extra sparkle to the basic engagement ring look. In both of these Victorian era rose gold vintage engagement ring designs, the choice of rose gold adds a little visual intrigue to an elegant and traditional ring style. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an out-of-the-box engagement ring, consider a style that centers a non-traditional stone in a halo of smaller diamonds, like the Ashington, another Victorian era gem that features a center pearl framed by old mine cut diamonds. This design takes advantage of rose gold’s romantic tint to create a delicate look that any romantic who loves vintage style will appreciate. Whether you’re looking for a rose gold vintage engagement ring or a vintage ring with a more traditional band, Trumpet & Horn’s carefully curated collection of vintage, antique, and vintage-inspired fine jewelry has something every discerning bride-to-be will love. Shop today to find the perfect piece to celebrate your relationship.

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