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In today’s society, when we see one of our friends sporting a beautiful diamond ring, we’re often sent into a flurry of congratulations. It’s a diamond ring—it must mean an engagement! But that’s not always the case. At Trumpet & Horn, there’s no pretending that we don’t love our engagement rings, but we also feel that every woman should have a stunning diamond ring of her own, whether she’s engaged or not! Browse through our selection and find the perfect vintage right hand ring for you, today!

Treat Yourself to Some Sparkle

Wear a piece of history around your finger today with one of our vintage right hand diamond rings from Trumpet & Horn. A right hand diamond ring is the perfect way to remember something special, celebrate your independence, reward yourself for a personal achievement, or even for reaching one of life’s milestones. In fact, you don’t even have to have a reason; it’s all about expressing your own style and wearing what makes you happy!

Follow Your Intuition

There are many different types of right hand rings for you to choose from at Trumpet & Horn, and whether you want to keep it simple with something small and traditional, or you want to opt for a larger piece that is bursting with color, the choice is completely up to you! At Trumpet & Horn, each of our rings are one-of-a-kind and full of character. If you see something that sparks your fancy, remember to act fast—there really are no other pieces like it!

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