Shades of Blue: Exploring Aquamarine Engagement Rings

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The Mermaid Stone
They are said to be the stones of mermaids. With a dreamy look reminiscent of a crystal clear ocean, aquamarines make for a beautiful engagement ring. As March’s birthstone, this crystal clear blue gem’s name actually means “seawater” in Latin. A brilliant alternative to a diamond, let’s explore the world of aquamarine engagement rings.


Aquamarine has been used in engagement rings for centuries. In ancient Rome, the stone was believed to have the ability to retain the aura of young love in order to keep that feeling going throughout a marriage. A similar meaning extended into the Middle Ages with the belief that an aquamarine stone could bring back the passion and love that existed earlier in a relationship. Aquamarine engagement rings were particularly popular during wartimes, especially in the 1940s during World War II, because they were less expensive than diamonds but still stunningly beautiful.


Aquamarine has become a color name in and of itself, relating to a blue-green hue. However, aquamarine stones can actually vary slightly in color, from intense icy blues, to sea greens, to nearly clear. As a lighter color, aquamarine offers a slight twist to a diamond and can be considered a neutral. Any shade complements diamonds impeccably.
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Aquamarine engagement rings may be historically popular, but they still remain a somewhat unconventional option in our day and age. But the aquamarine fans of old knew what they were doing when they presented these blue-green beauties as a marriage proposal. The stone is said to have the power to bring harmony to relationships and symbolize good health and hope.
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Ring Styles

One of the great things about the neutral nature of aquamarines are their ability to look amazing in any shape or size, in a variety of settings, and with any color band or gems. Aquamarine engagement rings from Trumpet & Horn have featured bands from yellow gold to platinum, rectangular step cuts to pear shaped, and numerous styles of diamond accents. Another fantastic characteristic of aquamarines is their ability to instantly portray a vintage look, regardless of accents, shapes, or settings. Because the color is usually so light and transparent, an aquamarine appears to have a perfectly faded quality to it. Our pear shaped Seychelles ring is an authentic Late Art Deco piece that looks like it was pulled right out of the Great Gatsby! It features six old European cut diamonds flanked on either side of the aquamarine stone. To make an authentic vintage aquamarine or other colored stone engagement ring a part of your marriage proposal, browse our entire selection at!

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