Spotlight on Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

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There’s nothing that says “classic simplicity” like diamond solitaire engagement rings, so we’d like to shine a spotlight on some of our favorite pieces! Both sophisticated and timeless, solitaire engagement rings are the perfect look for elegant women with classic style. You won’t find any other ring like yours because at Trumpet & Horn, we scour the world for vintage and antique pieces that are one-of-a-kind, and our solitaire engagement rings are no exception!

Solitaire engagement rings are easily distinguished by the absence of any diamonds or colored gemstones accenting the center stone. Instead, the focus is solely on the center diamond, shining a spotlight on it, just like it’ll shine a spotlight on you! The minimalist setting allows for the stone to take center stage, and is a style that makes for a perennial classic.

Here are just a few of our favorite diamond solitaire engagement rings, but we are always on the lookout for more, and can also keep an eye out for something you have in mind. Keep checking back for updates!




It’s easy to see why this engagement ring stands out! The McBee is a streamlined Retro era diamond engagement ring made from 14k white gold that centers on a 0.57ct diamond. The spotlight is on the main diamond, which steals the show here in a timeless three stone setting accented by two classic baguette diamonds. The McBee is simple yet a closer look will reveal the thoughtful details that make this engagement truly remarkable.


Union Point

union point

An elegant mix of new and old, the Union Point is one of our diamond solitaire engagement rings that is newly created and vintage-inspired. It’s made from platinum and the spotlight is on a 1.14ct diamond. This extraordinary diamond is set in a low profile and accented with a single baguette diamond on either side for a tailored look that will never go out of style!


Sand Piper

sand piper

Sand Piper is a stunningly charming vintage engagement ring from the 1950s that is made from platinum, and features a 0.94ct marquise cut diamond. This engagement ring showcases the center stone elegantly set between two tapered baguette diamonds. The center stone’s unique cut adds a subtle twist to the classic solitaire.

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