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At Trumpet & Horn, we are all about the seemingly unconventional. With a love for all things classic and vintage, we truly believe in the sentiment that what was once old, can always become something wonderful and new. Vintage and vintage inspired rings are our specialty, and we are confident that among our timeless yet unique pieces, is the perfect choice for you. You can’t go wrong with any one of our colored gems, from rubies to turquoise and just about everything in between. However, if you’re looking for something that is reminiscent of a warm summer day or the sweet joy of autumn, you may consider one of our beautiful, golden citrine engagement rings.

About Citrines

Citrines offer a look and feel unlike any other. The deep honey color instantly evokes a vintage quality. The stone itself is a yellow or golden quartz while many are actually a light amethyst or smoky quartz heated to bring out a golden hue. In its natural state, citrine is a very light yellow color, a very rare form of the stone.
Citrine Engagement Ring
Citrine comes from the French word citron, meaning lemon, however most citrines have a deeper, golden, and almost orange-like hue rather than a lighter lemony shade of yellow. Despite their bold color, citrines actually are very complementary gems and look great with a variety of other stones, including aquamarines, emeralds, garnets, and of course, diamonds. Many citrines have a darker quality to them that can give off a rather autumnal nature. This is fitting, as citrine is the birthstone of November. Citrine engagement rings are a fantastic choice for a fall or specifically November birthday, engagement, or nuptials.


Many colored stones look beautiful no matter what type of setting surrounds it. However, the shape, style, and color of a citrine’s setting can drastically change the look of it. A gold setting can create a very powerful, regal look, and can even make the citrine seem like an extension of the gold itself. A silver setting, especially one with dark, even black accents really makes a citrine engagement ring look timelessly vintage.
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The color yellow reminds us of things like sunshine, honey, and daisies, so it is fitting that one of the prominent meanings behind a gold citrine is happiness. Citrine engagement rings can symbolize the hope for a long and happy marriage and can be a constant reminder of the happiness shared throughout a loving, lifelong relationship. It can also eliminate negative energy and replace it with positivity and optimism.