The Colors and Variations Available in a Tourmaline Engagement Ring

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Proposing to your loved one is one of the biggest steps you can take in your lifetime. You have found your soulmate, you are promising to spend your life by their side, and though no words could ever convey the feeling you have when you lace your fingers with theirs, you know that you want it to be this way until the end of time. When the moment finally comes, you feel a tightening in your chest, an ache in your cheeks due how much you’re smiling—but you can’t seem to get the words out. It’s okay. With a piece from Trumpet & Horn’s collection of vintage and vintage inspired rings, you can let the jewelry do the talking. First things first, you have to find the perfect ring—a ring that’s as unique and lovely as she is. For a truly magical moment, there’s no stone more mesmerizing and personal than the universally popular tourmaline. No two pieces of tourmaline are identical, and the array of color options is practically endless. What better way to tell her that no other person on earth could compare than with a tourmaline engagement ring?
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Colors Tell a Story

With so many colors and variations of tourmaline available, your one-of-a-kind tourmaline engagement ring is the perfect forum to tell a story. While there are both colorless and black tourmaline stones, there is also a stone for pretty much every color under the sun, starting at the traditional seven colors of the rainbow and branching to practically every hue and tone in between.
Watermelon Tourmaline
Choose a tourmaline engagement ring that represents one of your favorite moments together. A bright, electric blue stone will embody the memory of when you first met, gazing out over the ocean. Go for meadow green to signify your shared love for the outdoors. The choice is entirely up to you. When choosing tourmaline, no color option is out of reach and no story has to go untold.

Multi-Colored Tourmaline

It can be difficult to narrow your search to a single color, but when going with a tourmaline engagement ring, you don’t have to. One of the reasons tourmaline is such a famous gemstone choice is because of its bi-colored and tri-colored variations. Along with the hundreds of diverse colors that natural tourmaline can be found in, including both subtle and bold choices, there are also stones that contain a combination of colors in a single piece. Sometimes these colors appear in concentric circles, in a row, or in a triangular shape. These pieces can be quite rare and valuable, and while they may sport various shades of one color, there are also pieces—such as watermelon tourmaline—that feature contrasting colors, such as a piece with a pink-red center surrounded by leaf green.

Trumpet & Horn

At Trumpet & Horn, we have quite the collection of vintage and vintage inspired pieces, each one with its own story. It’s up to you to write the next chapter. For information on a particular piece, or overall guidance in your search for the perfect tourmaline engagement ring, call, email, or chat online with our concierge department today!

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