diamond and emerald engagement ringsThe gemstone: it is the icing on top of the cake when it comes to a ring. Select a princess cut for the truly pampered girl. Make it a colored gemstone for a bright, unexpected look for a lady who likes to stand out. Or, invite your own mix of cut and color to match the image of the one you love. Whatever style you are going for, Trumpet & Horn can help you find a ring that is just what you were dreaming of. We offer a wide variety of engagement rings, including diamond and emerald engagement rings, so you can discover a ring that suits your unique love. Start by taking our engagement ring style quiz to zero in on the type of engagement ring that might be best for your love. Would she prefer a large diamond or a petite ruby? Would she appreciated a style that is over the top or something more understated? We created this quiz to help you get a better idea of what type of design she might prefer. diamond and emerald engagement ringsOf course, this is just the beginning. Comb through the many rings we have in stock—from diamond and emerald engagement rings to rubies to sapphires—to find the one that fits the bill. Beyond knowing the perfect style for her, it can be just as beneficial to know a bit more about the ring you are selecting. For instance, what exactly does the gemstone in the setting signify? Read on to learn a bit more about the meaning of various gemstones, so that you can wax poetic about our diamond and emerald engagement rings—especially the one that you select for her. diamond and amethyst engagement ringGemstone Meanings In addition to being one of the most popular gems, diamonds are thought to have healing powers. They are a symbol of eternal love, making one of our diamond and emerald engagement rings an excellent choice to show you care. Emerald is thought to aid in fertility, so selecting one of the diamond and emerald engagement rings is especially good if you want to have children. Ruby is the “king of gems” and a symbol of luck. Its red color symbolizes love and passion, making it a great choice for an engagement ring. Amethyst is connected to myths, legends, and religion in many cultures. While the meaning behind these gemstones is interesting, another great way to get inspiration is to read through some of our favorite engagement stories on our blog. Browse through to get inspiration for your own engagement.