The Opal Engagement Ring: Fit for the Hopeless Romantic

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opal engagement ring Planning a wedding is a time to get creative by envisioning the perfect romantic event. The perfect complement to these visions is an opal engagement ring. While opals are extremely versatile stones that come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, all opals have a majestic quality. Opals are very unique gemstones that carry a myriad of colors within one stone; this is what makes them almost magical. Many people might think of a white or light colored stone, which are fairly common among the opal family. As the stones catch rays of light, different colors are reflected. Celestine Celestine Celestine is a vintage-inspired ring from the Claire Pettibone Fine Jewelry Collection that was designed to bring out the best qualities of the oval-shaped opal that it features. Although this opal engagement ring is not vintage, it will definitely be a piece that is loved for years and one that is perfect for starting a new tradition in your family. The Oval Cabochon stone in Celestine is over 1.3 carats and is reminiscent of a bright blue sky. The opal has hints of white, green, light and dark blue that will have you catching your breath when it catches the light. The contrasting colors of the opal are further highlighted by the ten surrounding diamonds and detailed 18k gold band. Evangeline Evangeline Another Claire Pettibone Fine Jewelry vintage-inspired ring that focuses on the dream-like qualities of the opal is Evangeline. The design of this opal engagement ring was inspired by Gothic cathedrals. The look is similar to that of Celestine, but instead of diamonds surrounding the opal, ten tsavorite garnets add to the play of color in this ring. Another element that separates Evangeline from its opal counterpart is the oxidized antique finish on the band. Like Celestine, this ring is made to order, but with time it can become a family heirloom with your story being the first. What is more romantic than that? Beauty Beauty wide Another opal engagement ring created for the Claire Pettibone Fine Jewelry collection is Beauty, and the name of this ring is extremely fitting. Beauty is designed in a similar oval style as both Celestine and Evangeline, but the floral detailing on the band makes the ring the perfect option for the hopeless romantic. The pink sapphires that make up the petals add a sweet element to this piece and are further accentuated by the tsavroite garnet leaves. The simple gold band ties everything together. Beauty resembles something from a fantasy thanks to the floral theme, rainbow of colors reflected by the opal, and sparkle of the diamonds. Find Your Opal at Trumpet & Horn An opal engagement ring is perfect for someone who loves romance and fantasy. Celebrate your love with a newly made ring like Celestine, Evangeline, and Beauty, or with a vintage opal ring, all of which can be found on Trumpet & Horn.

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