The Perfect Band and Cut to Suit your Turquoise Engagement Ring

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When it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring for your special someone, there are a lot of important factors to keep in mind. However, even though it can be a bigger job than you initially realized, picking out a custom ring is all the more meaningful. Typically, the first variable that comes to mind is the stone at center stage. Will you keep with the traditional diamond, or opt for a bright splash of color? Even if you’ve already decided that turquoise is the star of your show, your job still isn’t over. Choosing a quality band and flattering cut for your turquoise engagement ring are just as important as the stone itself. In order to truly mesmerize her, you need to go full circle and pull out all the stops.

Finding the Perfect Band = Narrowing Your Search

All in all, choosing the perfect band for your turquoise engagement ring is entirely up to you—you know your bride-to-be the best, including her preferences and needs. While both gold and platinum bands are winners in the engagement ring department, if your special someone is sensitive to certain types of metal, you may want to choose a 100% hypoallergenic titanium band—no trend will sway you on that choice, and for good reasons. But for the vast majority, style and longevity are of utmost concern. When it comes to longevity, sterling silver just isn’t cut out for daily wear. Because sterling silver is very soft, it is prone to scratching and warping—two things you do not want for your forever ring. However, while durability is definitely important, in the case of more contemporary metals like tungsten carbide and titanium, this level of toughness can also be a downfall—styles are very limited and resizing in the future is not an option.

Go For Gold

You want to choose a band that is a happy medium, and with that, I say go for gold. The durability of gold depends on the carat, so the factor of being long-lasting can be very manageable. Also, gold comes in an array of different colors, making sure to cover every taste. For a turquoise engagement ring in particular, white and yellow gold are both great choices.

The Perfect Cut

Turquoise is a beautiful stone and every piece has a unique appeal. While the most sought after turquoise pieces hold a medium blue shade and are free from the blemish of matrix veins—the dark strips of leftover rock—each piece is beautiful. In jewelry, turquoise is often fashioned as a cabochon—shaped and polished until one side is rounded and the other side is flat—but for your turquoise engagement ring, I’d say to go for a cut that is as unique as the stone—and as unique as your special someone. Shake it up a little bit. Go for a marquise.
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For those who love a beautiful yellow gold band and a marquise cut, Trumpet & Horn offers Laguna, a one-of-a-kind turquoise engagement ring from the Victorian era. If that piece isn’t the one, take a deeper look into our collection—we have six new arrivals every week. For more information on a specific piece or if you’re looking for overall guidance, call, email, or live chat with our concierge department today!

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