The Perfect Bands and Cuts for Vintage Amethyst Engagement Rings

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Purple is the official color of royalty, so what better way to make your love feel like a queen than by presenting her with one of the most lovely vintage amethyst engagement rings you can get your hands on and a promise to always be by her side? While not a traditional choice for engagement rings, amethysts represent spirituality, sincerity, protection, and purity—all great qualities for a happy marriage.
victorian amethyst enamel diamond ring
Switching out the diamond in a traditional engagement ring with something bright and colorful—like an amethyst—is a great way for a couple who wants to go off the beaten path to show their creativity. But there are some finer details to keep in mind, besides the stone.

Choosing the Perfect Band

When wading through your selection of vintage amethyst engagement rings, you should pay special attention to the band. While amethysts are a good choice for many types of jewelry, due to the fact that they are considered relatively durable, the same can’t be said for all jewelry metals. This is a ring that will represent your promise to one another. It will forever hold a special place in both of your hearts. You want your ring to be just as long-lasting as your vows.

Find Your Perfect Medium

Even though sterling silver is a beautiful metal, it is a bad choice when shopping for a ring that will see daily wear. Sterling silver is a very soft metal, and because of this, it is prone to scratching, warping, and tarnishing. While a gold band can run into the same problems, the hardness varies depending on karat—so at least you have choice.
edwardian vintage amethyst diamond ring angle
Also, don’t go too far in the other direction. While more contemporary metals, such as titanium and tungsten carbide are extremely durable, it is a quality that can end up limiting your style options and completely destroy the possibility of future resizing. My personal favorite band for vintage amethyst engagement rings is white gold. With white gold, you have the beautiful moonlight sheen and your happy medium. For extra reinforcement, white gold can also be rhodium plated—which enhances the white color and protects the gold beneath. It’s the best of both worlds.

Choosing the Perfect Cut

Vintage amethyst engagement rings, while all beautiful, can also be quite diverse in color. Amethysts crystals come in a variety of hues, spanning from a light pinkish violet all the way to a deep, dark purple. To add even more differences, amethysts can also exhibit secondary hues of red and/or blue. Because the various hues can be found in a single piece, cutting to make the crystal appear homogeneous can be a tough job.
vintage inexpensive amethyst diamond halo cocktail ring lee valley
While amethysts can be cut into nearly every shape, it’s typically the stones that have good color distribution that get special treatment. The most important tip when searching for the perfect cut is to choose a cut that you think is flattering to the color. One of my favorites is the oval cut, which, alongside brilliant rounds, are two typical cuts commonly used to maximize the color of the crystal. Just remember to pair an equal amount of my advice with your own preferences. If you like yellow gold more than white, go for it. For inspiration, take a look at our collection of vintage amethyst

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