The Rich History of the Old Mine Cut Diamond

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Old Mine Cut diamondDiamonds come in all shapes and sizes. Pear, princess, round, and marquise cuts all create completely different looks. One classic is the Old Mine Cut diamond. This beautiful shape is comprised of a high crown that fans out to a large table, and then recedes to a small, flat base. It is similar to a european cut, except the mine cut is more square while the european cut is round. The Old Mine Cut diamond is also similar to the cushion cut, except the cushion is rectangular. Old Mine Cut diamondThe name “Old Mine Cut diamond” comes from the fact that these diamonds originally came from older diamond mines in India rather than South Africa, where most modern day diamonds originate. When old mine cut diamonds first came to be in the 19th century, each diamond was cut by hand so each was completely unique. The way diamonds are cut has evolved over the years. Very primitive cuts of diamonds included a simple point cut, a symmetrical shape with six points. The cuts then evolved to table cuts and old single cuts, which were more elaborate. There was one flat side to showcase the gem, and side cuts in the old single cut to further highlight the jewel’s shine. The cuts then evolved to very intricate styles such as mazarin, peruzzi, princess, and old european cuts, followed by the variety of styles sold today. At first glance, different cuts of diamonds may not seem noteworthy. However, like a wine connoisseur, a jeweler or discerning customer can spot the differences and appreciate the unique beauty that each gives to the jewel. The Old Mine Cut diamond attracts those looking for history with their purchase. Since this cut of diamond has such a rich history, it is a great choice for a vintage ring. Old Mine Cut diamondToday, most diamonds are cut using a machine, including laser cutting and computer design. This creates precision, but lacks the history and old-world charm of vintage diamonds. Look through our selection to find a retro ring that means more than just the average store-bought item. With such a wide range to choose from, you will not be at a loss for styles, colors, and cuts. Find your favorite piece today!

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