The Ruby Engagement Ring: Celebrate Your Love with the Color of Passion

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What do you think of when you recall a classic engagement story? Some friends relayed the tale of a hot air balloon ride followed by a gentleman popping the question. There is the timeless picnic with the surprise ring at the end. We swooned at stories of “Will you marry me?” being written in sand, or in the sky from an airplane’s smoke. ruby engagement ringWhen reminiscing about marriage proposals, we were reminded of this sweet adage: Roses are red. Rubies are, too. Select a ruby ring, and we’re sure she’ll say “I do!” While most still go for the traditional diamond engagement ring, these days some are branching out. For those who are up for selecting a stone of a different color, read on to discover why we are all about red rubies. Why choose a ruby engagement ring? Because rubies are the color love and passion. Because it is a stone that she will look at daily and be reminded of your fiery affection. Because, for her, it will be Valentine’s Day every day. Because the ruby is known as “the king of the gemstones.” ruby engagement ringBecause, really, what could be more romantic than a ruby engagement ring? Buy a bottle of red wine, tie the ring around the cork and propose to the love of your life in an elegant, heartfelt style. When selecting an engagement ring, it is easy to go for the traditional look of a diamond in a classic setting. But for those who want to stand out, a colored gemstone offers a “wow” factor, different than what the expected diamond delivers. Sure, your love for her is the thing that really matters. And the proposal is sure to be a moment that neither of you will ever forget. Why not take it all a step further with a ruby engagement ring? Of all the colors, this is the one that exudes passion with every sparkle. ruby engagement ringThink of the ruby as sprinkles on a birthday cake. Extra whip cream on your chocolate sundae. The rubies are merely a way to accentuate your love—and immortalize your passion with a gemstone that is unmatched in its beauty. Rubies are also the birthstone for Leos, so if your love is a lioness, you will be sure to entice her with this rich sign of royalty. We are drawn to the ruby because it is a sexy stone, and we love the elegance and class the gem adds to vintage designs. What are you waiting for? Find the ruby engagement ring that fits your own personal style today.

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