The Wonderful, Whimsical World of Antique Opal Rings

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There are few gemstones with as much character as the opal. The way light reveals its gorgeous iridescent colors has earned this stone the nickname “singing fire.” Opals are a stone unlike any other, so it’s no wonder that some of the most unique pieces we find are antique opal rings. All About Opals Like all gemstones, opals are believed to have a deeper significance. Whether you believe in its powers or not, it’s always fun to know more about a stone’s history. The opal is associated with inspiration, creativity, and spontaneity, which is easy to see when you look at the whimsical designs these stones inspire in antique opal rings. It is also associated with love, passionate emotions, and karma. Opal is also the birthstone for October, making it the perfect gift for someone special you know who was born that month. Choosing the Perfect Opal Ring Since their spectacular inner fire makes every opal special, this stone has inspired many creative jewelry designs. Opal rings can be worn for any occasion, taking the style of casual or formal outfits to the next level. The passion this stone inspires even makes it an ideal center for a non-traditional engagement ring for any alternative bride-to-be. We’ve been lucky enough to discover some truly special antique rings that center around beautiful opals.
  • Cheyenne: Originally from the Victorian era, Cheyenne stands out because of its ornate and dramatic metalwork, which features swirling loops framed by a rope-like border atop a triple split shank. This beautiful metalwork serves to offset a stunning center opal that epitomizes the playfulness of this beautiful stone.

  • Willowbrook: If you prefer less dramatic jewelry, Willowbrook is an antique ring that has all the drama of an opal in subtler packaging. This Edwardian-era piece has a triple split shank that draws attention to the ring’s large translucent opal. Though its glowing white hue dominates, the ring still features a play of red, green, and orange colors.

  • Canoe Hill: Perfect as either a dramatic cocktail ring or an alternative engagement ring, Canoe Hill is the ultimate in Art Deco luxury. The gorgeous blue-green center opal provides a bold visual anchor, while a white gold setting and diamond halo create an unforgettable classic.

  • These antique opal rings are just some of the incredible pieces we’ve found around the world. Shop Trumpet & Horn’s fine jewelry collection today to find beautiful vintage pieces.

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