Trends in Jewelry: Ruby and Diamond Engagement Rings

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Choosing the right engagement ring takes time, but that’s okay—it should. After all, an engagement ring is one of the most important purchases an individual can make in a lifetime. When it comes to your happily ever after, it’s up to you to start out on the right foot. However, with so many settings, stones, and styles to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to begin. That’s where Trumpet & Horn’s collection of vintage and vintage inspired rings comes in to make your search a little bit easier.
vintage burmese ruby three stone cocktail ring
You want an engagement ring that is as unique as she is, a piece that is both personal and trendy—a ring that she will adore for a lifetime, and that will no doubt be a family heirloom for generations to come. What better way to emphasize your passion than with a deep, luscious ruby at the center? What better way to vocalize your undying and impenetrable love than with a circling of diamonds? At Trumpet & Horn, our selection of ruby and diamond engagement rings come in a variety of styles, each piece with its own story—and it’s your job to write the next chapter.

The King of Gems

When looking for a non-traditional ring with a one-of-a-kind charm, ruby and diamond engagement rings are the way to go. While diamonds have been the go-to when popping the question, when it comes to the gem’s value, rubies even surpass diamonds when they are the right color, clarity, and size. In fact, rubies have been the most valued gemstone for most of recorded history. Highly sought after by both kings and emperors in ancient times, the ruby has even come to be called “the king of all gemstones.”
vintage ruby old mine cut diamond cocktail engagement ring wembly

A Royal Trend

Rubies represent passion, devotion, and true love—which explains why they’ve stood the test of time in the engagement and wedding ring department. In recent years, ruby and diamond engagement rings have continued to prove quite favorable, partially due to the popularity of one famous piece. In the 80s, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, gave Sarah Ferguson an exquisitely cut ruby and diamond engagement ring to mark their betrothal, bringing the royal trend to the mainstream market.
silvermine hand

What Trumpet & Horn Has to Offer

Contrary to general belief, genuine rubies come in a variety of colors, the most valuable shade being “pigeon’s blood”—which is a bright, rich red with a slightly blue hue—and other colors ranging all the way from purple-red to orange-red. At Trumpet & Horn, we have vintage and vintage inspired ruby and diamond engagement rings fit for every taste and price range, including Wembly and Silvermine. Wembly is a beautiful piece hailing from the Victorian era, crafted from silver and rose gold and sporting Old Mine cut diamonds and an accent of French cut rubies with a purple hue. For a piece with a more modern style, we have Silvermine, an Art Deco ring made from platinum, featuring an Old European cut diamond at center stage with round diamonds and natural rubies making a unique, geometric frame. For more information on either of these ruby and diamond engagement rings, or another piece from our collection, our concierge department is here to help. Call, email, or live chat today!

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