Why Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings Have Retained Their Popularity

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Solitaire diamond engagement rings are a classic design with charming simplicity that really embodies love two people have for each other. Their timeless design and sophisticated look are perfect for women with classic style that will adore a one-of-a-kind heirloom to keep for ages.

Distinguished by the absence of color or additional diamonds or gemstones, solitaire diamond engagement rings have retained their popularity because they keep the focus solely on the most beautiful diamonds you can find! Although they make for fairly simple rings, the design allows the center stone to shine brightly from its solitaire setting without any other distractions from its distinctive beauty.

Here are just a few things about solitaire diamond engagement rings that showcase what makes this style ever-popular.

Classic Simplicity

belle meade

Free from the distraction of intricate designs and colors, simplicity is key in the design of solitaire diamond engagement rings. They are meant for the spotlight to be on the one, magnificent diamond, just like the spotlight is on that one, magnificent person who will be wearing it. Platinum is typically used for these rings, which helps add to the simplicity of a neutral color scheme, although some rings look beautiful with a yellow gold band or rose gold accents.

The single diamond is what really highlights this design, using some of the most magnificent stones like the 4.41ct diamond in the Belle Meade ring. You’ll see that although it also has two beautifully tapered baguettes on either side, the simplicity of the design keeps the focus on the main diamond.

Timeless Design


When you think of engagement rings from early eras like the 1940’s, you might imagine solitaire diamond engagement rings. The same could be said for the eras leading up to the very one we are in today! Solitaire engagement rings have a timeless design that is impossible to go out of style. It’s the style you see in a exemplary representation of a man opening a ring box, because it is the classic style of an engagement ring.

The solitaire diamond design is a style that will never fade or go out of fashion, meaning your one of a kind engagement ring will be a precious heirloom for years and years to come. The Franklin is a beautifully simple example of a classic vintage Retro era engagement ring from the 1940’s, that you’ll notice has a design that is still very popular today.

Neutral Color Scheme


Part of the simplicity of solitaire diamond engagement rings is the lack of bright or bold color pops like you’d see with rings from the Art Deco eras. The emphasis is really meant to be on that one, beautiful diamond, so keeping the color scheme neutral is usually typical of this style. Platinum is typically used and only the brightest diamonds are used, with best color gradings and clarity. Some of our rings like the McBee, seem to have a hint of color from the 14k white gold, that gives it a charming detail while still retaining the neutral color scheme.

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