Vintage Opal Rings: Discover This Versatile Stone

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vintage opal rings Vintage opal rings are a true classic that have withstood the test of time. Opals are very versatile stones that come in a variety of colors, making the jewelry they are featured in perfect for anyone. Depending on how an opal is formed, one stone can actually take on many different colors, referred to as a “play-of-color”. Opals are often associated with a sort of opaque white stone. One of the great things about primarily white opals is that they can have an almost magical appearance when they catch the light. A perfect example of one of these rings is Hunter’s Point, which is from the late Art Deco period, most likely around the mid-1930s. hunters point Hunter’s Point Hunter’s Point is one of our favorite vintage opal rings. The 1.55 carat opal featured in Hunter’s Point has apparent hints of blue and green. In addition to these colors, which commonly make an appearance in opals, are flecks of red. These red tones are very sought after in opals, and one look at this ring shows you why. If you decide to make Hunter’s Point your own, don’t be surprised if you constantly catch yourself moving your hand back and forth to admire your stunning opal ring. The sparkle from the halo of surrounding diamonds is an added bonus. shady lane Shady Lane Opals have been popular for years. In fact, King Albert and Queen Victoria were very fond of the stone, which is why it often appears in pieces from the Victorian era. Vintage opal rings never go out of style. Shady Lane is a great example. This classic ring is from the 1890s and has a charming floral appearance, which is not surprising as nature-inspired jewelry was also popular during the Victorian era. Shady Lane features an oval-shaped white opal with a blue, green, and orange play of color, a bit more muted than those in Hunter’s Point, but still extraordinary. The milgrained edges make the opal pop even more, and the twelve diamond halo adds an extra special touch to this ring. The platinum topped 18k gold band is simple yet elegant and really pulls Shady Lane together. beverly glen Beverly Glen It’s hard to top the elegance and beauty of vintage opal rings, but one way to do so is by including two opals in one ring, and that’s exactly what Beverly Glen does. This ring also hails from the Victorian era, circa 1880. In the center of the 18k yellow gold band is an Old European Cut diamond. The real stars of this ring can be found on either side of the center stone: two Round Cut opals with strong hints of bright blue. The glittery opals immediately draw the eye, and the three diamonds are also hard to miss. Other selling points of Beverly Glen are the band detailing and beautiful patina. When it all comes together, this ring is a one-of-a-kind showstopper. Your Opal Ring Is at Trumpet & Horn Vintage opal rings are a great choice for anyone who loves beautiful, unique jewelry. Trumpet & Horn carries many gorgeous opal rings. Visit Trumpet & Horn to learn more about the rings featured here and to find your perfect opal today.

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