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Here at T&H we are all about the mind, body & soul. When we met Bella & Damon, we knew something spiritual was in our midst! Bella, a Metaphysical Medium and Damon, a biker cowboy, were destined to meet and fall in love. After getting two gorgeous rings from us AND giving the whole team tarot cards readings, these two soulmates are ENGAGED!!! Damon proposed at dinner in Hawaii with perhaps one of our most coveted rings ever, Lockport. Hear their real life fairy tale below:

Damon and I met at a time when we both definitely were not looking for a relationship. I had just gotten out of a two and a half year relationship that ended very badly about 3 weeks before I met him, and he went through a breakup the day before we actually met. He was given my number by one of his best friends (who just happened to be my high school sweetheart), because I needed some help with security at my house, due to the severity of my breakup with my ex. Damon was unable to come help me at the time since his then girlfriend was going through a surgery, but he sent one of his biker brothers, who also did security, to help me out. After his brother helped me for about 2 weeks, he left, and Damon called to check up on me since he was the original one who was meant to be there, and he wanted to make sure I was OK. I had spent those 2 weeks getting my life back together and I had finally had the chance to go out with my friends. I was at a Los Gatos Art and Wine Festival with my 2 best single-mom friends, and all 3 of our kids, listening to live music, dancing, and eating great food, when he first called me. Being that it was super loud, I told him I'd call him back later. When I got into my car that night, I gave him a call back and he asked me how I was doing. I told him that after 2 weeks, the emotions were starting to get to me and I was having a rough time. Not knowing him, but wanting to be courteous, I asked him how he was doing too, and he told me that he had a really rough day since he just went through a breakup with his girlfriend. I don't know what got into me, but I literally blurted out "Wanna come over and b*tch about our exes?!" To my surprise, he said "Hell yes!!!" He ended up coming over that very night and I knew from the minute I saw him, he was the one. It's funny because he says the same thing about me. He happens to be from Texas, and both my mom AND grandma married Texans. He also happens to be Armenian, and my WHOLE life I've always had a thing for Armenian men. That first night he came over, he was wearing jeans, cowboy boots, and he rode his Harley to my house, and right then I knew I was done for! I sort of laughed because I never thought I'd have my 3 favorite things in 1 person - a Texan, Armenian cowboy. The timing of meeting Damon was pretty insane - I had recently lost my grandmother, who was the most important person in my life, just a few months prior, and I was still experiencing a lot of grief. When I went through my horrible breakup with my ex, I prayed to my grandmother for 2 weeks for strength. I told her that I never wanted to date again since I was so jaded, and that if there actually WAS something out there for me, to make HIM find me. I was sick of trying, and I didn't want to put any effort into dating whatsoever, or go in search of a man anywhere. I remember praying to her to make it obvious and easy for me, saying: "Make him bump into me at the grocery store, hit me with his car, deliver him to my doorstep somehow"....and she delivered. He LITERALLY showed up on my doorstep at the end of those excruciating 2 weeks, and I didn't have to go anywhere to find him. We ended up talking that night until 5 a.m. the next morning, without sleeping, and we found out we had all sorts of weird things in common, from spirituality, to our personalities. The similarities were just so unique and profound. And he basically never left my house since. We have been inseparable since that first day.

How He Asked: We went to Hawaii to celebrate our Anniversary, since it's my favorite place to vacation. After a week of the perfect blend of lazy beach time in the sun and fun touristy things to do, I had the shock of my life! The day he asked was perfect from beginning to end. We went to an amazing brunch at Cinnamon’s in Kailua where we had a yummy breakfast, followed by a walk on the beach, and then a 90 min Thai couples massage in Honolulu, and ended up driving to my favorite restaurant, Roy's, in Waikiki for a romantic dinner. I thought the dinner was to celebrate our Anniversary, so when he told me to dress up and picked out my dress, I didn't think anything of it. He was saying sweet things to me all night during dinner.... yep - still clueless. The food was just to die for and we had a waterfront table with a beautiful view of the sunset, so I was lovin' life! Damon (my then boyfriend), is allergic to macadamia nuts, so when the waiter asked him to write his allergies down on a small piece of paper and sign it, he obliged and then told me he was going to take it back to the waiter on the other side of the restaurant. I had no idea that what he was actually doing was giving the waiter instructions to help him with the proposal. When we ordered dessert, Damon adamantly insisted on the chocolate lava cake which is the signature dessert at Roy's, and my go to choice - so I didn't think he was up to anything - and I also wanted guava sorbet, so he said let’s get both! A few moments later, the waiter came to the table and put down the sorbet first, and then the lava cake right in front of me.

Damon surprised me by getting the chef to write “Will You Marry Me” on the dessert plate. I’ve been to Roy’s for a few special occasions and I knew that they always write stuff on the plates, so I was expecting “Happy Anniversary” on the plate...when I read it and it didn’t say that, I just stared at it and read it a 2nd time, trying to make the letters make sense in my head. Still confused. Read it a 3rd time, and it sort of started to process, and then I look up and see him down on one knee, and I literally lost my collective shit. He asked me “Will you marry me?” in front of like 200 people in the whole restaurant, and all I could say was “Are you serious?!” And then he had to ask me again “WELL... will you marry me?! ” So I finally realized that this was real life and answered “YES OF COURSE!” Then the restaurant tried to get us drunk, but we don’t drink, and I couldn’t eat my dessert because I was just in pure SHOCK!

I think I sat there for an hour just freaking out, and then I found out that he had asked my 5 year-old daughter, McKenna, first for permission a few weeks ago - SO precious. I have NO idea how she was able to keep the secret, but she said to me at one point “Mommy when are you going to be a princess bride?” At the time, it didn't register because she’s obsessed with Disney and is always talking about princesses. The Lockport ring is absolutely stunning - Damon and I both LOVE antiques, and I can't stop staring at it! I know that nothing will ever top this vacation - my favorite place, favorite restaurant, favorite person, and now favorite piece of jewelry and moment of my life! Just PERFECT!❤

We could not be any happier for these two!!! If you're interested in Bella's metaphysical medium services, you can check out her website here. (And trust us, she is GOOD! She even predicted one of our own team member's engagement!!) 


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