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Your love makes our job the best in the biz. Seeing your stories & engagement pics are truly what makes our world go round! We are so so happy to welcome Emma & Paul into our family! They got engaged with Emma's dream Tiara ring after an epic flight over Lake Placid. Hear sweet Paul's version of their amazing love journey:

So our story really begins in the late summer of 2013. I was working as a car salesman for Toyota in Saratoga Springs, NY. One day I went into the back bay to check on a car I was delivering to find this new cute girl washing and preparing it for the customer. Her name was Emily Elizabeth Densmore. And I could not believe a girl that beautiful was going to be detailing the cars I was selling! It didn’t take long for us to start talking and eventually end up on a first date. We had an incredible time together and I quickly realized that I really wanted to pursue this relationship and turn it into something much more. Within 2 months I asked her to date me, and on October 13, 2013 I felt like I had won the lottery. I was also almost 100% certain at that point that I had found the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with! Throughout the next few years our relationship grew stronger and stronger, and we began to have some serious talks about getting married and spending our lives together. And then one day, maybe two years into our relationship, Emily came to me and told me she had found her dream ring! (I think through Instagram) She could hardly contain her excitement and shared with me a photo of the Tiara ring.. She said something like, “Someday, when we get married, that ring right there, that’s the one. I absolutely love it.” And at that moment I knew that I was going to do whatever it took to put that ring on her finger. Emily has been working in the bridal industry for 3 years now at Something Bleu Bridal in Saratoga Springs, NY. This has resulted in her looking at all the rings, seeing all the dresses, and hearing all the stories from the brides she helps. I knew that she had to have something different. And when she found the Tiara ring from Trumpet & Horn, we found something so unique. So I initiated a conversation with Liz at T&H and she did so much for me to find the perfect solution for us! (Liz you’re awesome, thank you!)

The Proposal: So this past March I began to put together plans for how I was going to pop the big question. Last summer I had taken her to Lake Placid, NY in the Adirondacks (where the 1980 Olympics were held) for a fun afternoon and to take a scenic airplane tour of the mountains! Unfortunately that day it was too windy and we were unable to fly. So I thought that surprising her with the flight tour this year would throw off any suspicion of me proposing! The initial date was supposed to be April 15th, but after some bad weather forecasts I called it off. I wanted it to be perfect. So I had to reschedule secretly with all of our friends and family without her knowing! And I had to do this multiple times! It rained for the next several weekends as everyone involved got more and more antsy waiting for the weather to give us a break! And then last week, the forecast for the 3rd was looking good. I made arrangements with friends and family to meet me at the airport in order to surprise Emily after we landed! The day before, I had told her that I wanted to take her out for a fun day getting lunch and just hanging out together in one of our favorite places! We set out Sunday afternoon, and took the 2 hour drive heading north. Little did she know that this would be our last car ride together as a dating couple! When we were almost there, we stopped to get gas and I made a secret phone call to the airport to double check on their flying status for the day. When I reached them, they told me that their 2 seater plane was under some last minute maintenance and that they would NOT be flying that day!! My jaw nearly hit the floor in disbelief. I had people coming from almost 4 hours away to be there for us! I had to make it happen. So after a few more minutes I ended up speaking with Phil the pilot and he told me they had another plane, but that it was supposed to take up a minimum of 3 passengers. So I told him I would do whatever it took to fly! After he realized who I was and the plans that I had set for that day, (we had been communicating about this a few weeks prior) he agreed to take us up in the 4 seater plane. Thank God! And thank you Phil! When we arrived at the airport, I noticed that some of the family had already arrived ahead of time! And I didn’t want the surprise to be ruined! So I had to make some inconspicuous maneuvering to make it seem like we had to wait for a little while for the plane to be ready. Really, I just needed everyone to hightail it out of there until we were up in the air! So we went to the corner store and then returned to the airport parking lot a few minutes after. I still have no idea how she didn’t find out a head of time. I swear she almost found out a dozen times that afternoon, but somehow it remained a secret and we eventually made it to the plane. The scenic tour was absolutely amazing and we got to see all of Lake Placid and a ton of the Adirondack Park from about 5,000 ft up! That is a plane ride I’m sure we will never forget. On the way down for the landing I thought my heart was going to beat out from within my chest from all the anticipation. As we landed and got closer to the hangar, Emily noticed a large group of people waiting there and wasn’t sure what to think, until she recognized her mother’s face.. and then the tears began. We got off the plane in front of a wonderful group of our friends and family, then I took a knee, and asked my best friend to marry me! And she said YES!

We're elated for you both! Hugeeee props to Paul for arranging such a special proposal..not just once or twice but three times! Can't wait to see your wedding pics :)

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