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Double congrats are in order for Kate & Ross, who got married and just celebrated the birth of their first baby! This stylish couple met in the most unique of ways and have been jet-setting ever since. Read their fascinating story and the epic way Ross proposed with with the stunninggg vintage emerald Joshua Tree ring
Kate was filming a pilot for a reality TV show about dating and was subsequently on a blind date (this never aired thankfully :)).  Ross happened to be at the bar witnessing Kate's bad date on film but didn't have a chance to approach her there but knew he had to find out who that girl was.  He did some solid internet research and managed to track her down (thank you social media and Silicon Valley) and after a few weeks of him casually asking her out - they finally had our first date.  And thus began their great love affair...  
Ross and Kate's first date was 14 hours (they took a road trip up the coast of California) and they had a feeling this was it. For date two, they jetted off to LA for a weekend and by date three were utterly in love. Their relationship has been filled with constant travel and romance and it took just 8 months (and 22 flights and probably a hundred little adventures) before they were engaged. They literally jump at the chance for adventure whenever possible. The couple takes traveling seriously (exploring Australia, Scotland, Montana, Montauk/The Hamptons, LA, Austin, Detroit, Miami, Manhattan, Sarasota, Palm Springs, Chicago etc).  
Most special, Ross proposed by renting a seaplane, flying her to a private island where they picnicked and drank Rose on a deserted beach off the coast of Sydney, Australia.  Ross was born and raised in Scotland (he moved to the US as a teenager) but has a long time love for his homeland  - which is so rich in History, natural beauty, and decadence. As Robert Louis Stevenson once said "Edinburgh is what Paris ought to be" - and the couple finds it to be the most romantic city in the world, the perfect spot for them to tie the knot. They tied the knot in Scotland on July 1st, 2017 and are expecting a baby any day.   

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