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Congrats are in order for Maggie & Tracy, two high school sweethearts that got engaged with the beautiful one-of-a-kind Portola ring! Their proposal is one for the books & straight out of a fairy tale! We're not ugly-crying, you are! Read Tracy's unbelievably sweet side of the story:

Maggie and I met when I was 16 and she was 14. I worked with her brother through high school and he introduced us. We talked for awhile and finally I worked up the courage to make her my girlfriend. Little did I know the amazing girl was about to change my life. We were each other's first loves and high school sweethearts. We ended up splitting up for awhile but we couldn't forget about each other and got back together with love stronger than ever. I knew she was the one for me. Her grandfather ended up being diagnosed with cancer and was getting worse every day. At the same time I worked 12 hours a day but all I could think about was being there for her. After going weeks with 3-4 hours of sleep a night and some days of no sleep at all, I still just wanted to be there for her and it made me realize even more what this girl meant to me. She is a unique and wonderful girl and I knew I had to get a unique ring for her. I found you all and the Portola ring and I knew it was the one. We planned a beach trip for the end of March and with the help of her family I had her believing I would propose there (because the wonderful girl is also a little nosy and found out I had a ring.) Little did she know I had planned for the Saturday before. I set up 75 roses in a heart and took her down to the pavilion on what she thought was a date night. It was pouring rain but it helped hide some tears as I knew what I was about to do. I walked her into the middle of the heart and got down on one knee and asked the question of a lifetime to the girl of my dreams and love of my life and she said YES! Thank you Trumpet & Horn for your help in this!


Thank YOU Tracy for sharing one of the sweetest proposals & love stories we've seen yet! Congrats love birds, can't wait to see the wedding pics! 


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