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There is nothing we LOVE more than truly surprise proposals!  Ugh, so romantic!  This adorable couple have been dating for over 8 years, so planning the perfect surprise, had to be extra-clever!  Patrick proposed to Breanne with our gorgeous Tulum ring and we can't wait for you to read along for more of their story. 

Double congratulations to you both and welcome to our T&H fam!

Breanne's story:

Earlier last week Patrick told me that he had to attend a work trip in Amsterdam the following weekend.  This meant we wouldn’t be able to go on our long weekend trip. I was bummed, as we rarely get time together with our hectic work schedules, but I wanted to be supportive of this career opportunity for him. He was supposed to be gone for a week from Friday through the end of the week.  He even sent me an email confirmation from work with his flight details.  More on this later...

His mom and sister both live nearby and they suggested a girls’ day for brunch & shopping since they were also going to be solo that weekend.  Friday night I met his sister to get our nails done and have a glass of wine.  While we were out, Patrick called me from his seat on the plane to say goodbye and I tracked his flight through the night.

The following morning his mom & sister were supposed to pick me up at 10am for brunch.  Instead, I received a call from his sister at 10am and she said, "Instead of a girls day we're doing an overnight girls trip." This is something his mom would totally plan.  She gave me 15 minutes to pack my bag and texted me a list of items to pack that included things to throw me off.

15 minutes later there was a black car waiting outside of our apartment and the driver was instructed not to tell me where we were going. On the drive Patrick emailed me from Amsterdam and included a photo from the restaurant where they were for the work dinner. I had absolutely no idea what was about to happen…I mean zero!

Over an hour later we pulled up to my favorite place, the Ojai Valley Inn.  While I checking in, the woman at the front desk told me she needed to check something in the back. A manager returned (at which point I thought I was in trouble), and escorted me to the most incredible courtyard where rose petals, a bottle of champagne, and most importantly the love of my life, Patrick was waiting. I was so surprised and confused because he was supposed to be on a different continent.

He told me he decided not to go to Amsterdam because he wanted to ask me a question, which is a moment I've dreamed about since our first date over eight years ago in snowy Chicago.  (Tears for all of here at T&H right now!!....)

The ring and the moment are beyond anything I could have ever imagined and I pinch myself that I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.

A huge applause to Patrick for an amazing dream come true proposal for Breanne!  We wish you both a very happily ever after.  Cheers!

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