T&H-Couples-grace-adrienne Congratulations to our latest T&H Couple, Grace & Adrienne! The two met in late 2009 shortly after Grace moved to San Francisco and connected immediately. Grace recalls feeling a bond so deep and special that she wanted to do all she could to get to know Adrienne. After dating for almost five years, Adrienne knew it was time to propose! She wanted to find an art deco ring for Grace, and connected with Tom to find the perfect one. When she saw the stunning Halifax ring with its Old Mine Cut diamond, she immediately knew it was The One! For the proposal, Adrienne organized a beautiful and elaborate surprise for Grace. It was a Tuesday evening, and one of their favorite bands, The Family Crest, was playing in San Francisco's Huntington Park. After a romantic dinner, the two walked over to the park where they were greeted by their close friends & Adrienne's family. The band started playing their song "Marry Me" and Adrienne dropped to one knee to propose to Grace. Grace responded with a resounding "Of course!" Their wedding date is set for August of this year! On her ring, Grace says:
"When I got time to gather myself, I could hardly stop admiring the ring. I love the engraving along the sides, the delicate baguettes, and how the diamond catches the light. It couldn't be more perfect."
We are so happy to be a part of this beautiful couple's happy story! ♥