T&H-Couples-alex-dean   Our hearts are full this morning from the proposal story that we just received from Alex & Dean. Dean thoughtfully chose Ridgefield for Alex, knowing that she would adore the gorgeous ring and all of its fine Edwardian details. After finding the perfect ring, he set off on planning the perfect proposal. And boy, did he nail it?! Dean told Alex in advance to reserve the day for a friend's holiday party, but on the morning of the party, Alex received a phone call from the party host telling her there was a change of plans: There was no party, and the entire day was a day meant just for her. All she needed to do was relax, enjoy, and not ask any questions. Waiting on her bedside stand was note #1 instructing her to meet at their favorite restaurant dressed in warm clothes. When she arrived at noon, she was surprised to find her best friend, and not Dean. The two had lunch and cocktails, and her friend handed her note #2, which sent her to the restaurant where the pair had their first kiss. Thus began the elaborate journey that lead Alex all over their northern Vermont town, meeting with close friends at meaningful bars and restaurants, receiving clues and notes from Dean along the way. Alex yielded the initial instructions, taking in every moment and writing down all of the small details of her exceptional day. Around sunset, the clues brought her to All Souls Interfaith Gathering, one of the most beautiful and spiritual places in northern Vermont and Alex's favorite spot for reflection. Dean was there waiting, and lead her through the snow to a well-lit circle of votive candles that he had prepared. Alex perfectly relayed what happened next, so we'll take no liberties with reshaping her account. From Alex:
"Surrounded by mountains and valleys covered in snow and overlooking Lake Champlain, Dean got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Tears had been pouring out of my face since I got out of the car. It was perfect. He opened that beautiful little Trumpet and Horn box and revealed the most exquisite piece of Edwardian history I have ever seen. I could not be happier. It's all perfect! The day, the spot, the ring, the guy... All of it. Thanks for being part of our story."
We are so touched by this narrative and beyond happy for these two — Congratulations!