Chelsea | Trumpet & Horn We are so excited to introduce you to our latest T&H Couple, Chelsea and Brandon! The pair met in March 2012 when they were on vacation in the Wisconsin Dells. Chelsea was there celebrating her birthday, and hit it off with Brandon immediately. They stayed in touch for a few months afterwards, but because they lived four hours away, they eventually lost contact over the summer. In the fall, Chelsea's email was hacked and sent out an message to all of her contacts promising "a dream life". Brandon replied jokingly, and once again they began talking and really got to know each other. After about a year of dating long-distance style, Brandon knew it was time to propose! Brandon wanted to get an idea of what Chelsea liked, so after some coercion, they looked at rings together online and came to the Trumpet & Horn website. Chelsea knew she wanted a vintage engagement ring with sapphires the color of Brandon's eyes. When they stumbled upon the gorgeous Art Deco ring they knew it was perfect not only because it included sapphires, but it was named Chelsea! They never looked at rings again, as this particular ring seemed destined to be part of their love story. Brandon proposed on a secluded bridge in the woods behind Chelsea's childhood home where she used to play growing up. The place was so special to Chelsea and Brandon had come to love it just as much. The two are set to be married in March of this year, on the three year anniversary of the day they first met! Chelsea is a massage therapist, and Brandon is a Project Manager for ComEd. When they first met, Chelsea had a two and a half year old son. Now, together, they have an amazing five year old son. We are SO happy for you and your family— Congratulations!!!