Mid-Century Engagement Ring with Floral Motif and Aquamarine Center | Leytonstone Congratulations to our latest T&H couple, Clarice & Nat! The Dallas-based pair had been dating for four years when Nat knew it was time to "trade in [his] girlfriend for a fiancé!" He found Trumpet & Horn and snatched up the coveted Leytonestone aquamarine engagement ring shortly after it hit our website. In July 2013, the two had taken a trip to Marfa, a small, art-filled town in western Texas and had an incredible time exploring the unique simplicity of the land. They absolutely fell in love with the town, the people, and the art. As they were driving back to Dallas, Nat knew he would one day return to Marfa to propose to his best friend. So after finding the perfect ring this winter, he took Clarice back to the small town and asked her to marry him. And the rest is history! We are so honored & happy to be part of your story! Congratulations again! ♥ photos by jessica lutz