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Our biggest congratulations go out to Courtney & Micah who were recently engaged with the lovely Victorian era cluster ring, Jaksboro. Courtney and Micah met ten years ago at age 18 while in Panama City Beach, Florida for Spring Break. The two hit it off immediately, and Courtney recalls fondly, "We left the beach with something that neither of us had expected to find on Spring Break: a soulmate." The two dated long distance from Birmingham, AL to St. Louis, Missouri for two years, exchanging handwritten letters, spending every night on the phone, and saving their pennies for trips every few months. Eventually, the distance became too much, and they parted ways after two years. They dated other people and reached milestones, but something inside both of them gave them the feeling that they would one day end up together. They kept in contact over the next five years, and in 2011, decided to give it another go. Micah had since moved to San Francisco and Courtney went to visit him and it was as if no time had passed. Their connection was stronger than ever, and Courtney was certain that Micah was the man she was going to marry. The two eventually moved to Austin, Texas where they now live. Of their time apart, Courtney sweetly affirms, "it solidified what I thought I knew before. There is no one, and there will never be anyone else for me. It was and always will be Micah."

Fast forward to March 2015, Micah asked Courtney if she wanted to go to Florida to visit his sister. He surprised her by taking her to the same hotel that they met at, almost exactly ten years earlier. He proposed poolside, with intoxicated spring breakers cheering them on in the distance. Courtney was thrilled and enthusiastically said yes. What made the day even MORE special, was that Micah had arranged for both of their families to be there for a huge celebration, officially making the weekend the greatest one of her life...that is, until the wedding day next March! Congratulations to both of you. We're so thrilled that Panama City Beach brought you to each other, and to us! ♥

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