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Congratulations to our latest T&H Couple, Jessy & Cody on their recent engagement! Jessy found her dream ring on our site — Calabasas, an Art Deco piece with the loveliest pearl. We'll let her take it from here because her account of how the ring became hers is just too wonderful and sweet!

Cody (my now fiance) and I have been together for 4 years. As you can imagine, I have been wanting to get engaged for quite some time. A couple months ago, I found the Trumpet and Horn website and FELL IN LOVE with Calabasas. I (seriously) went to the website daily to look at this ring. I sent the link to Cody and really tried to emphasize how much I loved this ring... I mean come one, it was even my size! One day, I chatted with Kim from Trumpet and Horn about how much I loved this ring. It sounds like this ring was also a favorite at your store... which made me want it even more. Well, that Monday, I went to show my co-worker the ring of my dreams and it had the little "sold" tag next to it. I was devastated. That was MY ring, after-all. I told Cody how sad I was that it had sold and he pretended to not remember which ring I was talking about "oh? that pearl ring sold?" So, of course, I did not suspect he bought it. Over the month that followed, I was still sad about this (seriously, I was holding a grudge). I even told Cody that maybe I should get a custom ring made like it... but it just wouldn't be the same! I even was checking T&H Instagram account to see if you posted a story about who was lucky enough to get Calabasas.

So, fast-forward to July 29th. Cody tells me that we are going to celebrate one year of living in Chicago. Our "place" is the Italian Village, a restaurant that is special to us because it was the first place we went when we visited Chicago in 2012. We had a really lovely meal and for some reason I was rambling on about how I had been watching Little House on the Prairie (yes, I am a total dork) while I've been on summer break and I should probably get the box set (which is shaped like a little log cabin, by the way). I went to pull up a picture of this gem on my phone to show Cody and when I looked up, he had slid the beautiful T&H box on the table and without missing a beat says "it's not the little house box set but I think you will love it."


I was so shocked that it took me a minute to fully process what was happening. I thanked him for the ring before he could even propose! This proposal process is so us. We are silly. Our relationship is built on countless laughs.

He later confessed to me that he has been carrying around the ring for more than a month. He even took the ring on vacation with us but never felt like it was the right moment to ask me. He said that Calabasas was the first ring that I had showed him over the years that he loved. He also knew from the moment he saw it that this was the ring for us. He is so proud that he tricked me and was able to give me the ring of my dreams. I am so in love with him and receiving this amazing ring was the icing on the cake. We have gotten countless compliments about Calabasas, or Cali as I have been calling her. Not only is the ring stunning, but the fact that its about 90 years old makes it so much more special.

Congratulations, Jessy & Cody! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together with our special Calabasas ring! ♥

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