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Vintage 1980's Sapphire and Diamond Ring with 18K Gold Shank | Thousand Oaks Congratulations to the newest members of our Trumpet & Horn family, Mallory & Matt! The pair met in November 2013 via the ever-popular (& effective!) online dating site OkCupid. After completing their profiles, OkCupid forecasted that the two were a "perfect match" and boy, were they correct!! Mallory & Matt talked for hours on end before finally deciding to meet in person. New to the online dating scene, Mallory was cautious about meeting up with a stranger from the Internet, and wanted to vet that he wasn't a serial killer first. She asked him for his last name and did some online Facebook stalking. Turns out, they had a mutual friend, Ian. Mallory had sat next to Ian on a plane ride about six months earlier and chatted with him the entire time. When she told this to Matt and asked how he knew Ian, he responded "We've been best friends since kindergarden...No way, you're cute plane girl!?". With that, Mallory had the confidence to meet him in person. It was totally love at first sight, and the rest, as they say, is history! Fast forward to this winter when they began their hunt for the perfect engagement ring. Mallory knew she wanted something unique and vintage. She stumbled upon a picture of the chic 1980s Thousand Oaks ring on Pinterest and immediately online chatted with one of our Sales Reps to find out more. She sent Matt our way, and a few days later, the ring was traveling to Pennsylvania! Even though Mallory knew her ring had been purchased, Matt wanted to come up with a special way to surprise her with it. One morning she was going through her emails and reading her daily update from theSkimm, an online publication that essentially "skims" all the big news stories of the day when she noticed her name in the Skimm Question of the Day. It said "Mallory, Matt wants to know... will you marry him? Please let him know." What a perfect proposal for two millennials who met online and bought their engagement ring online! We are overjoyed for you two & so grateful that cyberspace brought you to each other & to us! Congrats! ♥

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