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Happy Couples: Rachael & Max | Dearing We are so thrilled to share the proposal story of Rachael & Max, one of our very favorite couples with one of our all time favorite rings. The two dated briefly at Bates College in Maine, and then reconnected on the west coast shortly after graduation. Max moved to LA to attend business school, and Rachael immersed herself in the wacky world of startup fashion. After Max finished business school, the two moved up to San Francisco where their overwhelmingly Patagonia wardrobe was well-received and put to good use. When they're not working at their badass corporate jobs, Rachael & Max love exploring new restaurants, attending concerts, and camping in beautiful NorCal.

Rachael's [favorite & most beautiful & smartest] cousin Hannah works at Trumpet & Horn, so Rachael is no stranger to the barrage of glittering ring pics that clutter her Snapchat feed daily. Last summer, on a trip down to LA, Rachael & Max came to visit Trumpet & Horn and take Hannah out to lunch. Of course most of the visit was spent trying on rings, and once Rachael saw Dearing, a perfectly geometric Art Deco ring from the 1920s, she was speechless. A few weeks later, Rachael was back in town on business and stopped by T&H on her lunch break, just so she could wear Dearing around the office for a half hour. To say that she had a serious connection to our gleaming beauty would be an understatement! Fast forward to a few months ago, when out of the blue, Max contacted us to find out if Dearing was still available. HECK YES it was, and a half hour later, it was HIS! We sent it off to his folks for safekeeping until he was ready to pop the question. A week before the proposal, Max visited Rachael's parents and asked for their blessing, which they gave without hesitation.

For the big day, the two had a day trip planned up to Bodega Bay, an adorable coastal town about two hours north of San Francisco. Neither had been before, and both were excited to get out of the city for the day. Little did Rachael know, Max had packed overnight bags AND her dream ring! In the afternoon, they went on a hike to the highest overlook in Bodega Bay. There weren't many people around since it had been raining a few hours before and was still overcast. They took their time meandering through wildflowers and taking note of all the things in bloom and the stunning views of the ocean the the green hills surrounding them. It was there, at the top of the Bodega Head trail, that Max got down on one knee and asked Rachael to marry him. She enthusiastically said YES, even though the shock and happiness made it hard for her to speak. They spent the next two hours wandering around the trails, ignited by pure joy, until they realized they were so thirsty and set off for a celebratory drink! That's when the second surprise came in — Max had booked a stay at the Bodega Bay Lodge in a room with unobstructed ocean views. They spent the rest of the night drinking wine, eating cheese & crackers, and sharing their news with family and friends. When it finally got too late to call anyone, they were too excited to sleep, and instead opened the porch door and listened to the ocean and fog horn, relishing in the happiness and calm that surrounded them.

We couldn't be more over-the-moon excited for you two and are so happy that our Dearing ring went to its biggest fan! Congratulations! ♥

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