Congratulations to Suz & Dirk, the newest members of the Trumpet & Horn family! The two were recently engaged with our incredibly perfect Art Deco sapphire and diamond ring, Collin's Creek. These sweethearts met at work, and after a few weeks finally agreed to spend some time together out of the office. Their first date was perfectly casual — beers, a rugby game, and a strategic appearance by Dirk's dog Reggie, who immediately stole Suz's heart. From that night on their love blossomed, and they soon adopted a golden doodle puppy named Jackson. The four moved in together and began their journey to happily ever after. One day, while perusing Instagram, Suz came across our picture of Collin's Creek and was immediately obsessed. She had always wanted a sapphire ring, and loved the unique and unusual shape of this one. She showed the picture to Dirk, and he caught her staring at it a few times after that. A couple of weeks later, Suz noticed that the ring was sold and was completely heartbroken, convinced that it couldn't possibly be on its way to her. Fast forward to their one year anniversary, which also happened to be right around Dirk's birthday. Suz surprised him with a snowboarding trip to Queensland, New Zealand. Little did she know, Dirk had a surprise of his own up his sleeve! After a long morning of snowboarding on Cardrona mountain, Dirk took Suz to a lookout which showcases a gorgeous, panoramic vista. Earlier in the day, Dirk had come up to this very same spot and spelled out "Will you marry me Suz" in rocks. When Suz turned around, she found Dirk on one knee with the most beautiful sapphire ring — the one she had fallen in love with months earlier. She enthusiastically accepted his proposal and the ring! She told us, "Every day I catch myself just sitting at work and admiring my beautiful Trumpet and Horn ring, the most special part for me is the vibrant color blue and the unusual length of the sapphire as it makes me really feel like it is a one of a kind piece just for me which is something new yet has be loved for 90 years." ♥ Congrats to you two! We are so happy for you!

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