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Congratulations to our latest happy T&H couple, Valentina & Daniel! The pair were engaged this April on a beautiful hike in the Hollywood Hills. From the pictures, it looks like it was the perfect blue sky day for the two to take that next step! Daniel came into our showroom a few weeks prior and knew exactly what style ring Valentina would love. He left with the beautiful and classic mid-century engagement ring, Ashford. When we approached the two for a story about how they met, Valentina replied with an AWESOME recounting of their relationship. So awesome in fact, that we've decided to share it verbatim! From Valentina:


Daniel and I met at a random sports bar in Los Feliz called Public House exactly 5 years ago. Neither one of us nerds had any business being there and are convinced Divine Intervention played a huge role in our meeting. Daniel, a Director of Photography, happened to be in town from Philadelphia shooting a film and some friends had decided to go to Public House to watch a hockey game (a sport Daniel knows absolutely nothing about. I'm pretty sure he thinks it involves rackets). I, on the other hand, was on my way home from volunteering at a local youth organization when some friends asked me to join them for trivia night at Public House. Honestly, the only thing that got me there was the prospect of a glass of wine after hanging out with rowdy teenagers all evening and the fact that there was a parking spot directly in front of the bar when I arrived. I took it as a sign.


Daniel and I "made eyes" all evening until I finally walked up to him at the bar and introduced myself. He likes to say that I "stepped to him". Either way, I'm glad I did. We talked all evening and even went to another bar up the street to continue our conversation. At the risk of sounding like every cheesy RomCom, I truly did feel like I was talking to a friend I had known for years. He was honest and kind and thoughtful and hilarious and a man. After spending the past 4 years in Los Angeles running around with every "boy" in the Los Feliz/Silverlake area it was refreshing to be flirting with a man. (Ladies, you know what I'm talking about.) We closed the second bar down and even --- oh, now this is cheesy --- managed to get our first kiss captured in a Photo Booth. I mean really?!


He left for Philly the next day and we continued to talk/text/email every single day after. I went to visit him in Philadelphia 3 months after we first met and he moved to Los Angeles 3 months after that. Those 6 months, I have to say, were some of the most precious months of our relationship. Because we weren't dating in the traditional sense, I got to be courted. To be honest, we became friends first because all we had were written letters, emails and long phone conversations to guide our relationship. (And don't even get me started on the rad care packages we sent one another which included, but are not limited to, mix CDs and astronaut ice cream.) We got to know each other in such a special way those 6 months and I have a feeling it's what shaped our foundation as a couple.


5 years later and we're still best of friends. In Daniel I have found a calmness and a sense of home I never knew I craved. With me, Daniel gets challenged and brought out of his protective shell. We compliment one another better that either of us could have ever hoped in a partnership. I never knew I wanted to get married until I met Daniel. He is a game-changer. Who would have thought that these two nerds would ever meet at a sports bar? Go sports!


Thanks again to the entire team at Trumpet & Horn! You're part of our story now


What a fantastic account— we're so thrilled to be a part of it! Big congrats from T&H and best wishes ♥ ♥ ♥

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