2013 Engagement Ring Trends

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2013 Engagement Ring Trends   At Trumpet & Horn, we absolutely love figuring out what's trending in the engagement ring and fine jewelry world. There's nothing we love more than vintage jewelry, which is obviously why we're in business! We pay attention to what's trending with our customers so we can continue to have the very best offerings for our future T&H couples.   For 2013, we're seeing five clear trends in the engagement ring sector, and we're completely LOVING what we're seeing!   1. One-Of-A-Kind or Unique: In 2013, brides-to-be are throwing tradition out the window. Yes, we're still selling the platinum, solitaire stunners that will ALWAYS be in style (because, yes, they are GORGEOUS), but this year we're seeing a HUGE spike in interest for some of our more unique, odd, and eclectic rings. Many women today want something that no one else has; the more unique the ring is, the better.   2. Vintage & Vintage Inspired: YES, there is a big difference between these two (which we'll explain on the blog soon - we promise!) but either way the cookie crumbles, rings that appear to be from another era are super desirable this year. Good thing for us, too, considering that's exactly what we do here at T&H! And it appears the older the better - many of the T&H vintage rings that are popular on Pinterest right now are over 100 years old!   3. Emeralds: Well, it was certainly Pantone's Color of the Year for a reason. Emeralds are flying off our (virtual) shelves faster than we can keep up with! Emeralds signify prosperity, nature, elegance, and wealth - not to mention they're just downright BEAUTIFUL. No wonder we can't seem to keep them in stock!   4. Unusual shapes: Whether it's the shape of the diamond itself (pear, marquise, oval) or an interesting ring setting, unusual shapes are IN. We think this probably ties into trend #1 (the more unique the better!) but we've NEVER seen such unusually shaped rings talked about so much before!   5. Sapphires: Oh, Kate Middleton. You really got into the heads of just about every bride-to-be this year, didn't you? Ever since Kate debuted her diamond and sapphire stunner in late 2010 (previously worn in the 80's and 90's by Princess Diana), the world has gone completely gaga for sapphire rings - and the trend doesn't seem to be losing steam yet! We're absolutely thrilled, considering our collection is well stocked and READY for shopping!   It seems the 2013 engagement ring trends are really aligning in our favor this year, and we couldn't be more pleased! And now we want to ask... What's YOUR favorite engagement ring trend from this year???   1. Unique or One-of-a-Kind: Tiara I ($6,100)  2. Vintage: Hazelwood ($9,800)  3. Emeralds: Adairsville ($23,000)  4. Unusual Shapes: Saxon ($6,300)  5. Sapphires: Belle Epoch Sapphire & Diamond Ring ($44,000)

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