When I fantasize of love and romance I generally associate these thoughts with food and Paris. Here at T&H we all seem to share that notion, so we’ve based these easy go-to hairstyles for Valentine’s Day on our favorite Parisian pastries. Whether you’re heating up a fondue pot for two or going out for Galentine’s with the girls, these delectable hairstyles will get you through the night and take only minutes to perform. Bon appetit!

The Croissant 

This easy go-to hairstyle may look the most complicated but is actually the easiest trick in the coiffe cookbook! It’s great to start with curled/wavy hair, and is an even more awesome way to curl wet hair without heat.

  1. Grab a decorative hairband with elastic and place it on your head like a crown for the princess you are.
  2. Begin tucking the hair into the band, rolling as you go. This does not have to be neat! Just shove it on in there until all of the hair is in a perfectly imperfect croissant like structure.
  3. Pin where the hair roll meets the head to secure it in place. Fluff, tug, spray with hairspray and fin!

The Cinnamon Twist

Hate braiding but love the look? Then this simple twist is your go-to hairstyle for Valentine’s Day. The final result makes you look like a total pro, and gives you that ‘Jennifer Aniston at the airport’ look we are all secretly dying to achieve.

  1. Grab a two inch section of hair above your ear and cross it over two inches towards the back of your head.
  2. Grab another section right below where you placed the first one, let it drop and cross the second piece over to towards the back. Repeat this process horizontally halfway across your head and pin in place.
  3. Repeat on the other side of your head until the two end pieces meet in the middle. Loop one section into the other to make it look continuous.
  4. Pin in place, spray with hairspray, fluff and tug!

Hot Cross Bun

Feel like throwing your hair up in a messy bun and moving on with your life? Same. This go-to hairstyle for Valentine’s Day dresses up that messy bun and gets you out the door and one step closer to champagne in three simple steps.

  1. Toss your hair into a low messy bun, leaving out two three inch sections of hair on either side of your head. Pin bun in place and fluff and tug.
  2. Divide section into two pieces and twist together, tugging and fluffy along the way to add volume. Drape over bun and secure in place.
  3. Repeat on opposite side. Spray with hairspray and fluff accordingly. Voila!!

With these easy go-to hairstyles for Valentine’s Day you are ready for a night out on the town or a low-key dinner in your sweats. Now all you need is for your love to gift you a pair of Martini Studs to match your drink!

Liz is our Sales Manager, in-house stylist and token southern belle from New Orleans, LA. She specializes in personal shopping, gifting and making all things adorable. Click on her pic for styling advice!