Round Cut Vintage Engagement Rings If you have your eye on a few Round Cut vintage engagement rings, you are not alone! These beauties are very popular among women who are soon to make the transition from girlfriend to fiancee. Especially when it comes to diamonds, the shape and cut of a round stone allows for a high degree of sparkle and fire, and who doesn’t love that? 1. Bigger Can Be Better, But It Isn’t Always One of the great things about Round Cut stones is their versatility. Not only can you get a variety of different gemstones in this cut, but you can choose from many different sizes as well. This is great for those who want a stone with a high carat number, as well as those who are looking for smaller, simpler Round Cut vintage engagement rings. When deciding on your ring, choose something that speaks to you. Just because something is trending doesn’t mean that it will work for you. Two beautiful rings that feature Round Cut diamonds and showcase the difference in stone size and preference are Queensland and Golden Gate. Queensland Queensland Queensland offers a look more in line with a modern day traditional diamond engagement ring. The diamond in this platinum ring weighs in at over one full carat and two Full Cut diamonds further accent the center stone on both sides. This is a great option for someone who loves detailing that doesn’t overpower a large center diamond. Golden Gate Golden Gate A more modest, but equally stunning choice from our collection of Round Cut vintage engagement rings is Golden Gate. Like Queensland, this gorgeous Victorian era ring from the 1880s features an impeccable center diamond, however it is about half the size. The detailing on this band is just as important as the stone and each one pulls from the other to create a truly unique look. 2. Diamonds Aren’t Your Only Option You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love a diamond, but they definitely aren’t the only choice when it comes to an engagement ring. There are many other beautiful gemstones to choose from that also sparkle brilliantly when they are featured in engagement rings. Steamboat Springs Steamboat Springs Steamboat Springs showcases an amazing greenish-blue tourmaline and unlike Round Cut vintage engagement rings that only feature one diamond, this one has twenty diamonds for a sparkle that is absolutely impossible to resist. A set of ten diamonds is included in the accents that are directly next to the tourmaline and another set of ten on the shoulders of the band. 3. Be Ready to Fall in Love Start your ring search with an open mind. You might start the journey with a certain type of ring in mind, but once you see others in person, your tune might change. If you like a ring, spend some time with it, try it on, and get a feel for how it looks and feels. Otherwise, you might end up missing out on one of the Round Cut vintage engagement rings of your dreams, like Excelsior. Excelsior Excelsior This Retro era ring oozes elegance and sophistication. The center diamond and its surrounding stones come in at nearly a full carat. The open metalwork and mix of 14k and white gold on the band really make Excelsior true to the 1940s style. Round Cut rings offer that shimmer and shine that many women seek from an engagement ring. Whether you like diamonds or colored gemstones, large or small stones, or vary on your level of traditional style, Round Cut diamond engagement rings have you covered.