3 Ways Nature Inspired Jewelry Is the Perfect Touch to Your Ensemble

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Nature inspired jewelry has been rapidly growing in popularity, but it actually originated back in the 1800s. These pieces date back to the Georgian and Victorian eras, and are perfect for nature loving women of any era who isn't afraid to make a bold, distinct statement.

Even in the high-fashion world, nature inspired jewelry is proving to be a huge hit, but what makes our collection unique is that they are original vintage pieces that you won’t find in any store. Here are just a few ways that these magnificent pieces can add feisty flair to any ensemble.

Animal Inspired Jewelry

Animal Inspired Jewelry

Jewelry pieces that feature strong animals, such as this Seabiscuit horse ring from the glorious Victorian era, add a bold statement to any ensemble. Animal inspired pieces are always distinctive and sure to be the ultimate conversation piece.

Especially when it's a piece of nature inspired jewelry that dates all the way back to the 1800s. This piece in particular used to be a 14k yellow gold stick pin of a horse head and has since been transformed into a wearable ring.

Mythical Animal Pieces


Mythical creatures are make a powerful jewelry piece, especially when they include a brilliant gem. TheBayswater is a perfect example of that combination and is made by American jewelry house Henry Blank & Co. and Cresarrow.

Created from an authentic Victorian era stick pin, the Bayswater is a now a converted ring that depicts a winged griffin. A bezel set, round sapphire adds a mystical flair to the piece, and the round emerald of its eye further accents its fierce appearance.

Inspired Plants Jewelry

Plant Inspired Pieces

Plants and flowers make for some of the most exquisite nature inspired jewelry we've ever seen. There's just something so captivating about the way nature creates such beautiful works of art that can be further glorified as a piece of fine jewelry.

This diamond and garnet floral brooch is a great example of the way nature’s beauty can be the perfect touch to any ensemble. This piece, made circa 1870, is from the cusp of the Victorian/Edwardian era transition. It features silver on gold is set with old European cut diamonds and green demantoid garnets.

Why Choose Nature Inspired Jewelry?

If you haven't already fallen in love with these types of pieces like we have, just take a look at the way nature inspired jewelry is making an appearance in the fashion world. With spring and summer quickly approaching, these pieces are the perfect way to add that whimsical touch of the great outdoors to any outfit, and a wonderful piece of history to your jewelry collection.

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