5 Modern Twists to Vintage-Style Engagement Rings

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Find the perfect ring for your love story at Trumpet & Horn for finely-crafted vintage-style engagement rings that also sell authentic vintage rings from a variety of eras. There are so many different directions you can take with an engagement ring. From a simple band that symbolizes infinite devotion to a hand-me-down from your grandmother, each gesture says something unique. “Vintage-inspired” means we have remade vintage styles with modern materials, giving you the best of both old and new. With designs that embrace styles such as Art Deco, Edwardian, Victorian, and Romantic, you are sure to find something that suits your love story—not to mention a piece of jewelry your fiancé will treasure for a lifetime. Discover five modern twists to vintage-style engagement rings that bring a contemporary love to an old world romance. vintage-style engagement rings
    1. The beautiful Cathedral ring is an Art Deco-inspired piece that adds its own characteristic touch with fine detailing around the band that resembles a cathedral’s beams. A solitary diamond crowns the center of the band. The piece is fit for a queen, so give it to the one who rules your heart.
    1. The Peachtree ring is woven with fine strands of platinum that branch out from the ring’s center stone. The Edwardian-inspired design perfectly balances floral sensibility with an architectural aesthetic.
vintage-style engagement rings
    1. Jolie means “pretty” in French and the Jolie ring is certainly très belle. An Old European Cut diamond bedecks the center with the modern twist of a sharply angled octagonal setting. Supporting the center are curled cutouts with isolated diamonds. The band is encrusted with diamonds before fading out into leaf-like cuts.
    1. When selecting one of these vintage-style engagement rings, why not switch things up with an emerald instead of a diamond? This Victorian-inspired engagement ring puts a pear-shaped emerald front and center with a prong setting that resembles a crown.
vintage-style engagement rings
  1. If you are choosing the metaphorical path, the "knot" ring could be your ideal choice. This beautiful vintage-inspired silver ring resembles a rope and is tied into an intricate knot. At $175 this is a budget-friendly engagement ring with a meaningful undertone. For the couple who refuses to define their love by the pricetag of a diamond, this ring represents an unbreakable bond.
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