A Guide to Mixing Gold and Silver Jewelry

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One great thing about jewelry is that with such a large variety of options to choose from, it is fairly easy to find a piece to fit anyone's preferences. When it comes to metal, many people have a favorite, including yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, or silver. For those who enjoy more than one type of metal, combining looks is a fashionable option and mixing gold and silver jewelry is a great way for someone to express themselves with their favorite accessories. Get the Most from Your Look Some people are of the opinion that mixing gold and silver is a fashion faux pas, but when done correctly, the pairing is quite lovely. The contrast between silver and gold adds a pop of color and dimension to any look. It is possible to find pieces of jewelry that are made with more than one metal, but you can also combine your own pieces to achieve the desired look. With jewelry, the main matter of importance is that you wear items in a way that makes you happy and that reflects your own personal style. Mixing gold and silver jewelry is a great way to do this if you love the look of both metals and if your favorite pieces contain both metals or fit together well. In fact, silver and gold have been combined in jewelry pieces for years. Silver and Gold Ring: Broken Arrow Broken Arrow Ring This gorgeous ring is nearly 140 years old which makes is an authentic piece of antique Victorian jewelry. The cluster of diamonds in Broken Arrow is topped with silver which has been oxidized to attain a rustic look. The cluster portion of the ring is believed to originally have been a brooch, and the 18k gold band was added around 1940. The simple gold band pairs extraordinarily well with the oxidized silver and shows the benefits of mixing gold and silver jewelry. Diamond & Garnet Floral Brooch Diamond & Garnet Floral Brooch Another piece from the Victorian/Edwardian era is the Diamond & Garnet Floral Brooch. Rings, earrings, brooches: mixed metals work in a variety of items and can be combined in many ways. This unique brooch not only features both gold and silver throughout, but it also includes diamonds and gorgeous green garnets. The mixing of metals and gemstones is expertly done and makes this brooch one of our favorites. Mix and Match Jewelry Mixing gold and silver jewelry If jewelry doesn’t come with mixed metals, you can combine your own pieces to achieve a similar look. If rings are your items of choice, you can wear silver and gold rings on the same or different fingers. Mixing gold and silver jewelry is easy to do and the number of looks is virtually limitless. You can wear a simple gold band under a more intricate silver ring or vice versa. You can also wear two rings that each have a lot of detailing, but on different fingers or hands. Again, the choice is up to you. Combining Other Pieces Often times you can find jewelry in sets with matching necklaces and earrings. Another way to incorporate both silver and gold is to choose a necklace in one metal and the earrings in another. The other details on both pieces can help create a cohesive look and the differing metals can make the look more dynamic. Items don’t have to come in a set to be paired together; mixing gold and silver jewelry is at your discretion. Combine pieces from the same collection, items that you think look good together, or your two favorite pieces. Double or triple up on rings and bracelets or pair a gold bracelet with a silver ring. The decisions are up to you and Trumpet & Horn is here to help you pick your favorite gold and silver pieces.

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