Affording an Engagement Ring

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If you're perusing the Trumpet & Horn site, the odds are pretty good that you're thinking about engagement. For a lot of people, buying an engagement ring can be one of the most stressful and intimidating parts of the process. But we think it should be exciting! Deciding to buy an engagement ring (and then finding the perfect one!) is the very first step in committing yourself to a lifetime with your partner, and we believe strongly that this special time should be cherished. An important thing to note is that nobody expects you to be an expert on buying engagement rings... that's our job! The more questions you ask throughout the process, the more fully you'll understand your ring's history and feel connected to your purchase. affordable-engagement-myths There's no denying that buying an engagement ring can be a serious monetary commitment as well. We don't believe that you should stretch outside of your financial comfort zone. The most common myth about engagement rings is that a person should spend three months salary on the ring. Sure, that might work for some people, but for the majority of Americans, spending 1/4 of their salary on an engagement ring can be a serious burden. One of the (many many many!) reasons we love vintage engagement rings so much is that you can get a really unique, one-of-a-kind piece that perfectly reflects your lady's style at an affordable price. The only standard there should be for how much to spend on a ring is how much you are comfortable spending personally. Nobody knows your financial situation better than you do! affordable-engagement-average If it's helpful, last year the average American spent approximately $5,200 on an engagement ring. For the sake of simplification, this means that about a third of people spent less than $5,000, a third spent around $5,000 and a third spent significantly more than $5,000. Reiterating what's above, your engagement ring budget should be just as personal as the engagement itself! affordable engagement rings Image Map Photo Credits: Money Bags, $5,000 bill

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